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Jerome Dreyfuss Lucien Python Shoulder Bag via Net-a-Porter for $1280

Parisian designer Jerome Dreyfuss has seen his profile rise quite a bit over the past few seasons. Net-a-Porter has picked up his luxury-contemporary bags for Spring 2011, and the Jerome Dreyfuss Lucien Python Shoulder Bag is a great place to start if you want to understand his aesthetic. The colors and combinations may be a little left-of-center, but the materials are top-notch at a price that isn’t too terrible, in the grand scheme of things. (more…)

As Jerome Dreyfuss makes more and more of a name for himself, the number of retail outlets selling his bags is increasing rapidly, but ShopBop was on his bandwagon long before it was trendy. (And I don’t mean that in a snide way – it’s becoming trendy for very good reason.)

Our Jerome Dreyfuss archive indicates that we’ve reviewed iterations of the Jerome Dreyfuss Billy Bag from ShopBop no fewer than three times, but this rich purple color is easily good enough to warrant another mention and a further look. (more…)

French accessories designer Jerome Dreyfuss may have one of my favorite contemporary handbag companies on the face of the planet, and I only wish that his accessories were more available in the US. Seeing the simultaneously attention-getting and useable bags that Dreyfuss has created for Spring 2011 only makes wish it even more fervently.

I question the logic behind a couple of these designs – the hanging, fringe-y pocket of a perfectly wonderful leopard shoulder bag, for example – but mostly, Dreyfuss creates things that are exceptionally well-suited for young urban women with eclectic tastes. As always, his work with exotics (and python in particular) shines in this collection, but even the regular leather begs have enough personality to stand on their own with any casual outfit. (more…)

We’ve been writing about the rise of the minibag for well over a year and a half now, and at this point, I think it’s safe to say that these little bags aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and for good reason. They provide a more modern alternative to a traditional clutch, and they’re often much more convenient to carry for long periods of time because of their long straps.

At this point, almost everyone who likes the trend already has a black minibag in their closets or has their sights on a candidate, but what if you’re looking for something to set your bag apart? An exotic is always a smart way to go if you want to make heads turn, and the Jerome Dreyfuss Twee Mini Python Bag lets you do that without cracking the four-figure price bracket. (more…)

Sometimes, and Idea is just too complicated to be rendered in real life. There are too many elements, too many things happening at once, and too much opportunity for discord to bring every idea to fruition.

However, it appears that that didn’t stop the folks at Jerome Dreyfuss when they designed the Jerome Dreyfuss Luciene Suede Fringe Bag. Suede, leopard print, detachable fringe, zip-off pockets, magenta for contrast? It’s all here! (more…)

Well, isn’t this adorable. And by the name of the bag, that appears to be exactly the reaction for which the bag’s designers were hoping.

I’m not sure that “twee” is exactly the appropriate term for the Jerome Dreyfuss Twee Mini Python Bag, though. Maybe it’s the silver and black combo, but while it’s a really cute bag, it doesn’t have that quality of preciousness that the word implies. Semantics aside, however, it’s still a really nice-looking mini bag. (more…)

Generally, we try to write about a bag only once, but we sometimes have to go back and reevaluate what we’ve said when new information becomes available. It’s our duty as handbag journalists!

And one of the most important things when looking at bags online is the number and quality of photos available. Since ShopBop redesigned their website a few months ago, their photos have gotten larger, more detailed and more numerous, and that only benefits all of us out here trying to decide on which bag to buy, sight unseen. And the new bags certainly do a lot of favors for the Jerome Dreyfuss Billy Bag. (more…)

Jerome Dreyfuss Didier Convertible Backpack Tote I immediately thought of Indiana Jones (Jane?) when I saw this convertible tote. Not him, really, but his rugged style- he always looks as though he’s ready to jump off a green army truck into some desert to fight some bad guys. Anyways, that is what I thought of while looking at this Jerome Dreyfuss Didier Convertible Backpack/Tote. There are both good and bad aspects to this bag.

I switched from carrying a backpack to using a tote for books when I went to college (late, I know) and I still remember how much lighter my load seemed in a backpack. This bag provides that functionality. Not carrying much? Use it at a tote. Suddenly you have to bring your computer and a bunch of books and papers across town? Simple, use it as a backpack. But on the down side, it’s Indiana Jones-y (not in a cute rugged kind of way, but in a real rugged kind of way). And unless you’re rockin’ that kind of safari attire, I think this looks a little rough to wear with summer wedges. Study abroad in Egypt, perhaps? Was $1095, but get it now through ShopBop for $766.50.

Jerome Dreyfuss Nubuck Billy BagBefore this year, I had never ever seen a high-end handbag made of nubuck. In fact, I had to look up exactly what nubuck was in order to write this post. I had heard of it previously, of course – mostly in the suede-ish bomber jackets sold at cheapy retailers like Wal-Mart during the winter – but was unsure if it was ACTUALLY an animal product. And as it turns out, it is. To be more precise, it’s leather buffed on the skin-side to look and feel similar to suede (which is, of course, made from the other side of a tanned skin).

It had been completely off my fashion radar until YSL made several bags out of the material last season, and now we’ve got the Jerome Dreyfuss Nubuck Billy Bag in the same material. We already covered this bag in a nasty 80s upholstery pattern, but now it’s in bright turquoise, and I’m feeling a bit differently about it. It’s far from love-at-first-sight, but the color is so bright and pretty that it make’s the bag’s awkward construction and unusual material work. Sort of. It looks kind of deconstructed and more hippy chic than hippy dippy, and it may just prove the old political adage true: the medium is the message. Buy through ShopBop for $848.

Jerome Dreyfuss Toile Billy BagI’m kind of ok with the Jerome Dreyfuss Toile Billy Bag in a hippie, clove-smoking, poncho-wearing, scraggly-hair-having sort of way. Does it go with my personal style? Not a bit. But maybe that doesn’t mean it’s bad, you know? I could see it with some dark jeans and, I dunno, whatever kind of top hippies would wear with it. Maybe Mischa Barton would wear it. And, presumably, some kind of headband.

Ok, so enough of that. I’m trying to be nice here, but I can’t help but kind of roll my eyes. It looks like upholstery, and not awesome upholstery. It kind of looks like this couch my parents had back in the 80s when I was a little kid that they eventually had to get rid of because I puked on it so many times. Hey, don’t judge, I was just a baby. I can’t say I could really recommend this bag though, but if you smoke a lot of illegal substances, it’ll probably match your style and be a good place to hide your stash. And let’s not even talk about the unreasonable price… $750 through ShopBop.

Jerome Dreyfuss Joss ClutchI’ve stopped to look at this clutch often, but never written about it, and I think it’s the color that’s stopping me. I wouldn’t have anything to wear it with, but I find the Jerome Dreyfuss Joss Clutch absolutely chic and different. I love the criss-crossing straps and rough-looking pebbled leather, I love that it looks like it would fit comfortably in my hand, and I love that it comes complete with a small mirror and mini flashlight. After all, haven’t we all been in a dark bar, rooting through our purse looking for a hair clip all the way at the bottom, in desperate need of a mini flashlight? If a bag maker is designing clutches with my bar needs in mind, then I’m completely sold. Buy through Shop Bop.

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