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JCrew Lugano Leather SuitcaseOn the one hand, I think the JCrew Lugano Leather Suitcase is really pretty. It looks really well made, and J. Crew‘s website says that it’s manufactured by some big-deal Italian manufacturer called Dell’Ga. I’m sure they’re awesome, and I’m sure this is a wonderful suitcase. BUT IT’S BASICALLY WHITE! I know the color is called “stone,” which implies that there’s some grey to it, but still. Almost white. And a decent-sized suitcase seems like it would be the single most impractical thing in the world to manufacture in such a light color.

Airports are disgusting (at least to me) in pretty much every way imaginable, and I don’t like putting my cheap duffel bag on the dirty conveyor belt to be checked, let alone a nearly $2000 piece of nearly white handcrafted luggage. It also doesn’t have any little wheelies on it, meaning you’re lugging it by yourself, and it weighs nearly nine pounds when completely empty. The price, the color, and the lack of functionality lead me to only one conclusion – these bags are made for those that have OTHERS that see to it that their luggage arrives safely at their destination. Buy through J.Crew for $1800.

JCrew Regal Paisley BikiniFolks, it’s time for me to state the obvious: it’s summer. And for fashion people, that means magazines are getting thinner, store shelves are getting barer, and there won’t be much to sustain us until approximately August (or September, if you’re counting in magazine months). Pre-Fall stuff is trickling in from a few brands, but overall, there’s not a lot to talk about in the handbag world that most of you guys haven’t already seen. I was talking (read: whining) about this to a guy friend earlier today, and his response was, “Well, bathing suits are summery. Why don’t you just write about those?”

My initial reaction was “Psssh, those aren’t handbags,” but then I figured, why not? He might be on to something. So I spent a little bit of time looking around the Internet today for my favorite bathing suit, and I decided that I loved the J.Crew Regal Paisley Bikini. The bold, retro pattern will cover any wear-and-tear that occurs from lazing around the pool or ocean and the slightly more substantial top will give the necessary lift and added security to a girl with a larger-than-average chest. So what bathing suit have you been wearing this summer, or do you still have your eye on several? Buy through J.Crew for $90.

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