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Folks, I am really liking this clutch right now. While the color might need to grow on you, I think you might be surprised how nice it would look – especially with some of those dark fall outfits. The Jalda Ostrich Stamped Leather Brief Clutch is a gorgeous, simple and functional clutch that would look great in just about anyone’s hand. Jalda handbags are known for their functionality and there is nothing wrong with this. (more…)

I keep talking about my move, but it seems worth sharing. I know almost all of you out there have moved at least once. So, there is a good chance you can see where I am coming from. Last night as I was unpacking some boxes I stumbled across part of my handbag collection. It was as if I was opening up a present all over again. And one of my favorites had to be my Jalda clutch. I honestly fall in love with it every time I see it. So much so that I found myself wanting another Jalda clutch.

Jalda Ostrich Leather Brief Clutch

It was as if my desires had been answered when I came across the Jalda Pink Ostrich Leather Brief Clutch today. Now this is a feminine clutch I need to get my hands on. While I am not much for the over-the-top girlie handbags, this one would receive a very warm welcome. The pink grained ostrich leather is not only to-die-for but it is also flawless. Just from the picture you will notice the balancing act between exotic and feminine. Sometimes exotic handbags can have a bit of a tough look to them, but not this one. In fact, this clutch properly captures my favorites f’s: flirty, feminine and fun. Buy through Bluefly for $197.

True story: I’m moving soon and I almost bought an ivory patent faux leather croc-stamped ottoman for my new apartment yesterday. Almost. It would go with my decor, oddly enough, and it’s right on that line between awesome and tacky that I do so love, but the only one they had at the store was damaged and they wouldn’t haggle with me. Sadly, as a result, I couldn’t give it a new home.

Jalda Patent Croc Audrey Clutch

The Jalda Patent Croc Audrey Clutch is another patent stamped-croc beauty to which I’d like to give a good home. When I get a light-colored bag, I always try to get it in patent, since the glossy finish makes the leather easier to clean and less likely to stain. This is particularly important when considering a clutch, since a hand-held bag is more likely to be set down or touched with dirty fingers. Beyond the smart finish, the structure is also one of my favorites for clutches. The large fold-over section keeps all your possession safely inside, or it can be opened up and the front handle can be used to make it a hand-carried tote. Between those two options, this clutch would probably work for almost anyone. Buy through Saks for $470.


The Jalda Gold Mirror Audrey Convertible Clutch is no wallflower. The shiny mirrored gold clutch would make even Midas blush. In the style of Jalda clutch handbags, this sleek clutch is the classic Audrey convertible. Pair this mirrored leather clutch with a white and navy ensemble for a classic polished summer look. The dual use bag converts from a compact clutch into a tall tote with cut out handles for added carrying room. The interior turquoise grosgrain lining adds a delightful splash of color.

Jalda Gold Mirror Leather ‘Audrey’ Convertible Clutch, $282.00 at Bluefly
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Jalda Saffiano Clutch Jalda handbags have definitely been becoming more popular. Typically known for her Bean Clutches, I was happy to see a slightly different design. The body of the Jalda Saffiano Clutch is certainly sleek and sophisticated.

But what do I like the most? Without a doubt it would be the chain shoulder strap. It is chunky, funky and definitely adds a bit of youthfulness to the clutch. Sure they chain might be a little overwhelming for the bag, but if you pair this with the right outfit, I am sure the look will be amazing. Upon opening the bag you will see bright turquoise lining; it really pops! And you can’t go wrong with a pewter bag. It is one of those colors that can be worn any time of the year with so many different outfits. Buy through Bluefly for $147.

Jalda carrying Blue Goat Aida ToteLast fall I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the Founder and Creative Director of the fabulous handbag line with her namesake, Jalda. To be honest, this was the first full blown interview I conducted as a member of Purse Blog. Gearing up for the round of LA based interviews, I re-read the many interviews that Megs and Vlad had already conducted. And I’ll be honest, as I drove up to Jalda’s office I found myself to be a tad nervous. What could I expect? What would she be like? Would the interview go smoothly? Well, with my notepad, pen, camera and recorder in hand, I took a deep breath, walked up the stairs and braced myself.

Any worry I previously had was instantly forgotten about when Jalda opened the door, reached out her hand and welcomed me into her office. As we introduced ourselves and began chatting, I could help but find my eyes wondering around her office/showroom. The space was just like Jalda – fabulous and fresh. Light beamed through the windows and caused the handbags to sparkle. Jalda poured both of us a cappuccino and we got started.

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Jalda Python Original Clutch Many moons ago I wrote about a pink version of this Jalda clutch. Absolutely loved it then, love it even more now with silver python skin. As I was perusing my closet the other day I realized how perfect metallics fit into my wardrobe as accessories. Denim is a major part of my wardrobe, from skinny jeans to high-waisted wide leg jeans, and my tops tend to be more monochromatic. Just what my closet needs, another clutch. But really, I don’t own a silver clutch and adding the Jalda Python Original Clutch seems like a great idea. The shape of this clutch I love, with a bit of an angle at the edges, and the silver python is the perfect glitzy finish. Dimensions are 8″W X 4″H X 3″D. Buy through Saks for $490.

Jalda Handbags

Back in November I had a chance to meet the wonderful, gracious and chic Jalda.
Soon, we’ll be sharing that interview with you, but to give you some what of a teaser, enjoy Jalda’s Valentine’s Day answers below and definitely click here to see some of her amazing designs!

You love LA. What would be one of the best things to do in LA on Valentine’s Day? Find a secluded spot on a cliff overlooking the ocean somewhere near Malibu and have a picnic for hours…

What is your favorite part about Valentine’s Day? The Fact that it makes you think about celebrating love. It’s really something to appreciate. (more…)

Jalda Crocodile Embossed Leather Clutch

Living in South Florida, we are very close to the Everglades. Even if you haven’t heard of the Everglades before, you are most likely familiar with the fact that there are tons of allligators in South Florida. This past weekend, with my boyfriend and his parents in town, we hit up the Everglades to see if we could catch a glimpse of any gators. Along with some other natural beauties, we did see a few gators. When it comes to handbags, exotic skins are everywhere. I know some people have a hard time with exotics because they don’t like the idea of harming animals. Well if you fit into that category, fear not, you too can get the exotic look. The Jalda Crocodile Embossed Leather Clutch reminded me of my adventure this past weekend while also reminding me of what fashionable clutches Jalda puts out. I absolutely love this clutch. The emerald color is oh so vibrant and the style, oh so sleek. This is definitely the kind of clutch you can pair with one of your chic dresses just as easily as a pair of jeans. Buy through stefanibags for $193.

Another day, another giveaway. Wait, that isn’t quite true. This isn’t just any giveaway. Each day Purse Blog and Luxaholics continues to bring you great designer handbags – all unique and oh so fabulous in their own ways. Today, Day 8 of our 12 Days of Handbags Giveaway is sponsored by the oh so wonderful Jalda. Jalda was another LA based designer I had the pleasure to meet up with while I was in LA last month. Her handbags are fabulous and her clutches, down right breathtaking. Today, enter to win the Jalda Stingray Bean Clutch. Those of you who are familiar with Jalda probably notice the signature bean clutch. It is unique, fresh and fun to hold. This clutch has an added feature, even when carrying this around on the hottest of days, your hand will remain cool since stingray is a material that retains a cool temperature. I love, love, LOVE this clutch!!!

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As much as I love staple handbags, I love staple clutches. I would have to say, for the most part, staple clutches haven’t been as easy to come by as staple handbags. And really, when you think about it, that makes perfect sense. However, I think this Jalda Croc Bean Clutch might actually be the kind of clutch you really could use as a staple clutch. The croc-embossed leather clutch can actually be carried two different ways: folded or held upright by the brushed brass handle. Usually, I like when clutches stay true to their shape, but I really like the idea of this. Actually, I was turned onto “convertible” clutches back with a Rebecca Minkoff clutch my sister so lovingly gave me during the holidays last year. So, if you are interested in a clutch that can not only serve as a staple but also be used in a few different ways, buy through Saks for $315.

Sometimes I think about where designers are going to go next with new handbags. I mean, to me (and clearly, I am not a designer), it seems like you get to a certain point and then just start recycling ideas. But every time I find myself thinking about this, I am reminded why other people are designers; they are able to continue to reinvent themselves and their lines. Megs covered the Jalda Pink Croc Clutch a while ago, and recently I’ve found myself becoming more and more interested in the line.

The Jalda Washed Lambskin Annette Handbag intrigues me. To be honest, the first thing that caught my eye was the zipper. Sure, the goldtoned double chain handle is shimmery, but how often do you see a handbag with a center zipper? Not that often right? I really like the look of the washed lambskin soft grey leather. Now add to it the center zipper and double chain handle – you have an eye catching bag. I am still a tad worried about the zipper. I wouldn’t want to open up the bag in a hurry and have my stuff begin to fall out. However, I want to believe that the thought which went into the bag took this worry into account. Either way, I still find myself leaning towards the side of liking this bag. If you want to give it a try, get your hands on it through Bag Borrow or Steal.