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Jalda Python Original Clutch Many moons ago I wrote about a pink version of this Jalda clutch. Absolutely loved it then, love it even more now with silver python skin. As I was perusing my closet the other day I realized how perfect metallics fit into my wardrobe as accessories. Denim is a major part of my wardrobe, from skinny jeans to high-waisted wide leg jeans, and my tops tend to be more monochromatic. Just what my closet needs, another clutch. But really, I don’t own a silver clutch and adding the Jalda Python Original Clutch seems like a great idea. The shape of this clutch I love, with a bit of an angle at the edges, and the silver python is the perfect glitzy finish. Dimensions are 8″W X 4″H X 3″D. Buy through Saks for $490.

As much as I love staple handbags, I love staple clutches. I would have to say, for the most part, staple clutches haven’t been as easy to come by as staple handbags. And really, when you think about it, that makes perfect sense. However, I think this Jalda Croc Bean Clutch might actually be the kind of clutch you really could use as a staple clutch. The croc-embossed leather clutch can actually be carried two different ways: folded or held upright by the brushed brass handle. Usually, I like when clutches stay true to their shape, but I really like the idea of this. Actually, I was turned onto “convertible” clutches back with a Rebecca Minkoff clutch my sister so lovingly gave me during the holidays last year. So, if you are interested in a clutch that can not only serve as a staple but also be used in a few different ways, buy through Saks for $315.

Jalda Stingray Brief Clutch

All of you clutch lovers are lucking out, because between my sister and I, we are clutch obsessed. I don’t know why I continue to be drawn to clutches, but I seek them out. Funny thing is that I do not carry them incessantly or switch out clutches daily. I just love the look of them. If I had my choice of a large collection, it would be a collection of an array of clutches. And if we are talking in the world of ‘ifs’, my clutch collection would be all kinds of exotics. One kind of exotic skin I do not have is stingray, and I would add that to my collection. Funny thing is, I can afford this one! So the whole ‘in my dream world’ can be thrown out the window and I can take the leap now.

The Jalda Stingray Brief Clutch is a simplistic exotic design, using stingray skin for the body which has a slight glimmer. Stingray is cool when you touch it, a phenomenon that I do not understand nor do I try to, but it is such a refreshing look and feel. The clutch closes with a simple snap closure and is lined with suede. Dimensions are 7¼”W X 3¾”H X 1″D. Buy for a very reasonable $340 via Saks.