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We’ve seen little from and heard even less about Jack Rabbit Collection, but every time I see one of their bags, I find myself impressed in one way or another. What they seem to do really well is take a simple line or a simple idea, tweak it just so, and make it look new and interesting without making it any more complicated than it needs to be.

And that’s exactly what they did to make the Jack Rabbit Collection Silver Springs Shoulder Bag such a winner. (more…)

In the past, I’ve always enjoyed that Jack Rabbit Collection always makes an attempt to tweak traditional bag structures just a bit. Inventiveness is always to be applauded, even if it doesn’t always turn out particularly well. After all, you never know what will work until you find out what doesn’t. Most of their stuff in the past has worked pretty well, although I’m not sure if the Jack Rabbit Collection Buff Easy Rider Hobo does.

Jack Rabbit Collection Buff Easy Rider Hobo

On the one hand, I like the color and I like the leather, which somehow manages to look both soft and structured. I would have preferred silver hardware, but I can get over it. The main issue Is the handle and bag opening. The severe V-shape is surely supposed to be the bag’s main design feature, but it may be too acute of an angle and too deep of a plunge to work. It seems light it goes so far down that it detracts from the bag’s usable space, and it may be difficult to swing your arm under such a short handle. I give them an A for effort, but a C- for execution. Buy through ShopBop for $598.

Jack Rabbit Collection: The Auteur BagThe Jack Rabbit Collection Auteur Bag may be the best implementation of handle options I’ve ever seen on a bag. I hate when there’s just extra stuff hanging all over the place, willy-nilly (see: The Foley + Corinna Stanton Convertible Tote), but I agree that having a choice of straps is convenient for a lot of people. So the folks at Jack Rabbit Collection did something brilliant: they gave you a long strap with a clip and a D-ring.

You can either clip it regularly for a messenger bag or stylish low hobo, or loop it through and clip it back at the other side of the handle to create a shorter strap and a more traditional hobo. Either way, the bag looks like it was meant to be carried like that and there’s no extra stuff to get in the way or obscure the design of the bag. And it’s a design that should be seen: a functional layered hobo made of soft, smooth black leather. Combined with the brilliant handle design, I think this is the first innovative bag I’ve seen in a while. Buy through ShopBop for $420.