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Once again, a J. Crew handbag reminds me that I need to check the site more often. I definitely have several J. Crew clothing items, but I don’t have a J. Crew handbag. Yet, every time I come across a handbag I am constantly reminded that I should make one my own. Once again, the price point is one you cannot beat. And in fact, you are usually getting a rather cute and functional bag. (more…)

For those of you who work in the corporate world, you know that it can sometimes be tricky matching a nice handbag with your work place attire. With so many gorgeous handbags out there I love when I come across one that instantly reminds me of a perfect bag for the office. The J. Crew Marche Satchel is just this kind of bag. (more…)

Shannon's Christmas Wish List

When it comes to Christmas I typically have a few things I’d love to have, but I rarely consider myself one to have a wish list. However, this year, there are a few things that I would absolutely love to have. So, whether any of these things are given to me or I end up getting them for myself, I am pretty sure I am going to make everything on my list mine! (more…)

J. Crew Crushed Glitter Minaudiere

I was just talking to one of my friends back in DC about what she has going on for New Year’s Eve. As we exchanged stories of what we may or may not do, there was one thing that I couldn’t stop thinking about: what handbag I am going to carry. I know this has been the focus of many of my posts lately, but hey, everything is cyclical. So, per usual, I sort of forgot about J. Crew until I went to check out their amazing sales during this time of the year and I came across this beauty. (more…)

J. Crew tends to escape my mind, but every time I visit their website, without fail, my wish list piles up like that. Meaning very, very quickly. This past virtual trip, it was the J.Crew Marabou Clutch that caught my eager eye. Of course, a clutch covered with feathers isn’t difficult to spot, but what captured my attention was the extreme finesse that the feathers appeared to have.

They look soft and cuddly, much like one of my long-haired stuffed animals was before I spilled medicine all over it. But that’s another story, so let’s just say that it would be best to avoid that situation with this clutch. But that should go without saying, because I know I’d be devastated if I ruined this clutch, the feathers of which were apparently quite painstakingly stitched on row by row. From the fluffy looks of it, it’s quite a lot of rows of stork feathers. (more…)

In all honesty, I typically forget how amazing J. Crew handbags can be. Sure, they aren’t designer handbags like we cover over at Purse Blog but I can’t help but notice how great some of these bags really are. For example, I came across the J. Crew Mini Patent Campo Bag and instantly fell in love. First of the shape itself was enough to lure me in. But then the more I looked at the bag, the more I began to love it. (more…)

There is a definite crispness in the air today and I love it. Growing up in South Florida, I didn’t have much use for winter coats, but when I moved up north I became instantly fixated on coats. More specifically, I remember walking into J. Crew one day and falling in love with a gorgeous cream colored knee length coat. I wanted it, I needed it, but as a college student, I just couldn’t afford it. As much as I loved that coat, I loved the slightly darker cream colored handbag it was paired with. Ever since this encounter, I’ve been hoping to snag that same look for myself. (more…)

We’ve seen so much industrial toughness and rough leather recently that something ladylike serves as a refreshing counterpoint. I love all of those trends, but a handbag addict cannot survive on studs alone. There is an enormous gamut of looks out there to be explored and tried, and you may feel like tough black leather on one day and sweet lace on the next.

And if you find yourself in the search of something decidedly soft and ladylike, may I suggest the J.Crew Luciana Minaudiere. (more…)

I need your help. When does a color like this go out of season? I’ve been really impressed with some of the bags J. Crew has put out. The designs are nice, the colors work and the prices, well you really can’t get much better. This is the same case with this clutch, yet I am thinking that the color might not work going into the fall. (more…)

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