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Eeeks. This is bag and its name is kind of an oxymoron. And, I’m not talking a good oxymoron like white chocolate either. I want to like this Hype bag, but I would certainly not classify it as a large hobo. Would you? Well the size of the bag itself is large, but I cannot get over the short shoulder strap – it’s so anti large hobo. (more…)

Do you remember a few years back where wristlets were all the rage? Well, maybe it was just during my college years and maybe said rage is still going strong. (Those of you in college, feel free to update me.) At this point, I am not really in the market for a wristlet, but I won’t shy away when I come across one.

Hype handbags, as new as you may be to them, almost always boast some lovely leather. It is great to see that no matter how large or small the bag, the quality of leather isn’t sacrificed. I’ve noticed some lesser-known handbag lines that seem to practically use leather swatches on their small bags in order to save a dime. Note to said designers, never compromise on quality, despite the size of the bag. (more…)

Yes, there can be too much of a good thing. I love a metallic tote as much as the next person, but there is something off about this bag. The problem with this bag is not that it is too much metallic material, but it is the way it has been constructed. The Hype Marella Large Top Zip Tote is a bag with a great concept but still misses the mark a bit. I actually like the snake printed metallic leather with goldtone hardware. In this situation the silver and gold play off of one another nicely, but again, it’s not the color that has turned me off. (more…)

This bag is unbelievably ideal for fall. In a handbag world full of studs it is absolutely lovely to see a bag without them. I love studs on a bag as much as the next person, but I also need a break. If you are looking for a new handbag for this Fall season but you aren’t ready to drop big bucks, this is a bag that you should consider. (more…)

Hype Snake Embossed Jordan TotePerfectly poised in a pretty azure blue, this pocket tote handbag from Hype is the perfect bag to pair with summer whites. The turquoise reminds us of the deepest blues of the seas surrounding our favorite Greek isles. The gloss of the snake embossed leather is a charming contrast to the gold tone hardware. The flap’s oversized clasp enclosure conceals a pocket and on the back side of the bag is a snap closure pocket perfect for keys or your mobile.The best part is the price, $177. Find the Hype azure snake embossed Jordan pocket detail tote and other handbags at Bluefly. Save $30 off your first order at Bluefly.com with Coupon Code – THEFIND30 . Good through June 30, 2009.

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I always keeps my eyes open for red and black handbags. I’m an alumna of the University of Georgia, a fine institution of learning and football. In the South, as some of you probably don’t know, we don’t wear t-shirts and shorts (or hoodies and sweatpants, at the end of the season) to football games like the rest of the country. For generations, we’ve gone to college football games dressed in our Saturday best – dresses, heels and accessories – but only in school colors.

Hype Rouge Malin Tote

We get off easier than schools that have to contend with colors like orange and blue, but I still always notice when I see something like the Hype Rouge Malin Tote that fits my requirements. It’s not quite time for football yet, and this bag isn’t quite right, but it’s getting there – finding the right shade of red is probably the hardest part. Anyone else out there have their eye on color-coordinated accessories for their favorite teams? Buy through Bluefly for $197.99.

As we enter fall further and further into fall, winter is just on the horizon. A few of my family members who live up north have already reported a few gloomy snowy days. This reminded me of how dismal some winter days can seem. Gray skies, no signs of life on the trees, people all bundled up simply trying to get from one place to the next. From time to time, it can almost seem outright depressing. Yet, adding a little color to your outfit not only cheers you up but can also cheer others up. I think the Hype Dali Satchel would be a perfect way to add a little color. The orange grained leather exterior contrasted ever so slightly with smooth leather trim and polished goldtone hardware is gorgeous.

Orange is the kind of color that can seem overwhelming if done wrong, but I think Hype put together a successful handbag here. The front zip pocket and pleat detailing adds a little texture and personality to the purse. I like to carry bags that have great closures, like this two-way zip top closure, especially during the winter. I hate when things can fall out of my handbag, but I hate it even more when it is freezing outside and all I want to do is get from one place to the next. One other thing I really love about this handbag is the interior rose pattern lining. A simple extra touch like this sticks out to me and definitely bumps up my desire to own the bag. I love when I open a gorgeous bag and find great lining. And finally, the price is absolutely right. As I begin to think about gifts I need to buy, this would be a perfect gift for a friend without breaking my budget. I think I’m going to have to keep an eye out for Hype bags, what about you? Buy through Bluefly for $177.