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While we do have PurseBlog Savvy for contemporary affordable designers and Bag that Style for celebrity style, sometimes we still integrate the two into PurseBlog. Today’s post is no exception and even better covers both categories, celeb style and a savvy designer. We are talking about the countrified pop queen of the world right now, Taylor Swift, and the brand Hobo International. Taylor Swift’s new go-to handbag brand is Hobo International, a company who continues to produce chic designs at affordable prices.

What bag has Taylor stuck with? The Hobo International Trinity in luscious aubergine Sonoma leather. Let’s dissect this bag, shall we? (more…)

At this point, we all know I love a good, inexpensive clutch. The uses that I have for them often involve heinous acts of bag abuse in dive bars, so it’s best for me to not invest more money in one that I’m willing to lose when I leave it sitting on the back of a toilet.

My stance on this issue is rather pragmatic, and I’m betting that I’m not the only girl in her 20s that has to weigh those concerns when they pick a bag for a night out. You want to be stylish, but you don’t want to put one of your most prized bags at risk. Which is where the Hobo International Triple Chain Clutch comes in. (more…)

Hobo International Slim Zip Satchel

I don’t think I’ve seen a handbag with this kind of shape and look for a while now. Since it is kind of new to me, I can’t decide if I like it quite yet. It seems as it the handles of the Hobo International Slim Horizontal Zip Satchel are too big for the bag. I think it is mostly because the bag itself has such a sleek and somewhat small look. The color, I love. It is bright, vibrant and simply pops. If I was in the market for a handbag that was a bit unique and different this one might be in the running. Or actually, better yet, ditch the handles and you might have yourself a cute clutch! But what do you think? Do you like the look or does it seem off-kilter? Buy through Nordstrom for $158.

Hobo International Katrina Cutout Handle Clutch

What a sweet reminder. When I came across the Hobo International Katrina Cutout Handle Clutch I was reminded of a style that I have yet to add to my collection. While living in Washington, DC one of my roommates had a fabulous cutout handle clutch that I always drooled over. It was a simple, understated but ultra fabulous handbag. So, when I came across this handbag, I found myself taking a trip down memory lane. This clutch is great. I love the sleek design, bold color and overall look is great. You can dress up or dress down and still grab this clutch on your way out. In fact, this is one of the few clutch handbags I would carry with me as I ran my weekend errands. More than anything, I just absolutely love the thought of how it is made to be carried. Clearly, I am a fan. Buy through Nordstrom for $118.