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No, they didn’t, but they somehow managed to make it look like that’s exactly what happened.

Haircalf and animal print are big this season, but I don’t find myself as skeeved out by the average leopard print bag as I am by the Hinge Animal Print Calf Hair Hobo. At first I wasn’t sure why, but then it occurred to me – animals like the one from whence this pattern (which seems to fall somewhere in the realm of “generalized livestock”) came are exactly the animals used to manufacture bags. Just like most of us have probably never plucked a chicken before, it’s a bit unsettling to be confronted by what appears to be an untreated, untouched hide. No one’s making bags out of actual leopard, so those bags don’t give me the same feeling of unease. (more…)

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I just don’t get the perforated leather trend. At all. Some trends, like fringe or boho, I don’t like but I can understand their popularity because they’re a good fit for people whose personal styles are far different than my own. But who wants leather that looks like a basketball jersey?

It’s rare that I see perforations (which I classify differently than cut-outs) done well, but if you’re looking to find a chic perforated option on a budget, the Hinge Perforated Leather Tote is likely the best that you’ll do. One of the main reasons that I like it? I didn’t realize it was perforated until I looked closely. (more…)

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