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Hermes lovers rejoice. Jean Paul Gaultier is back in action and rocks your cravings for new orange boxes. The theme? We travel far into the Wild West and meet the new cowgirl chic. Tiedye croc, lots of suede fringe, cowboy boots, total americana style. Nothing outrageous or impractical, all is still very wearable, though none of the low-profile elegance one expects from Hermes. Very gorgeous, perfectly constructed, very desirable and sophisticated.

While fashion week aimed its focus on ready-to-wear fashion, the Hermes bags and accessories were not neglected by any means. The Hermes Shoulder Kelly finally makes its debut in joint lizard skin (a new technique for this year), new Ombre Lizard accessories in form of a smaller, 23 centimeter size Medor clutch (available in Box and exotics) and new, matching gladiator heels. (more…)

Hermes Fall 2007 Kelly Muffs

Hermes Fall 2007 exploded on the runway of Paris with a sense of wearable luxury that is not to be messed with. Jean Paul Gaultier put together an luxe and exotic clothing line, filled with crocodile, chiffon, velvet, all exemplifying exquisite attention to detail. When it came to the bags, JPG introduced the Kelly as a soft hand Muff. The Kelly Muff’s showed up in exotic crocodile and were infused with fluffy warmth on the inside. Similar to his foldable Kelly Flat from the Spring line, JPG also sent out foldable suede Kellys and croc clutches. But the Hermes Kelly Muff ruled the show as far as handbags are concerned; is it easy to wear or even feasible to buy? The key accessory revolved around the hat, in fluffy cashmere to structured crocodile and leather, the importance of a hat in the fall is key. Overall, the show showed impeccable attention to detail and gave off a feeling of extravagance one would look for when venturing to the house of Hermes, so much so that Gaultier recognized his show was a hit and trotted on stage with an over-sized Croc Kelly for the grand finale.

Hermes Fall 2007

hermes fall 2007 jean paul gaultier

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