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victoria beckham crocodile birkinShe has finally done it! We have seen Victoria Beckham carry her Hermes Ostrich Birkin, Hermes Kelly Longue, Rouge Birkin, white Birkin, Hermes Kelly Lizard Pochette, Hermes Baccara Clutch, and the list goes on. But when it has come to her Birkin’s, Victoria has seemingly stuck with leather, not exotics. Sure there has been an ostrich or two, but compared to her collection it is minuscule. Finally she has taken a crocodile out to show the world. Victoria Beckham was seen leaving her NYC hotel on her way to lunch with her hot hubby David carrying a 35 cm Shiny Crocodile Miel Hermes Birkin. Her Crocodile Birkin is what I consider divine and one of the perfect staples of the house of Hermes. She pulls of the size perfectly, not allowing it to over-power her, but wearing it as what it is meant to be, an accessory. Price is not cheap nor anywhere near cheap, and hearing rumors of more price increases only makes it that much more un-affordable to the masses. But that is what Hermes wants, and that is what they have created. And yes, many of you do not like Victoria Beckham, but just see this post as me showcasing a stunning bag! (more…)


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