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This isn’t the first time that we’ve covered the Helena De Natalio Sofi Leather Hobo but I have to say this is the version I like the most! We’ve seen the bag in black and another one in a sea green color. Both gorgeous in their own way but when I saw the latest version I said to myself, ok, I really need to get this! (more…)

Helena de Natalio Sofi HoboDo you ever feel like you see a handbag you like and then each way you turn there is virtually another very similar bag with incredibly similar features? This is what I am experiencing with the Helena de Natalio Sofi Hobo. Now, before I keep going, I would like to say, that the familiarity I am experiencing is not a bad thing.

If in addition to Purse Blog Savvy, you also read Purse Blog, then I think it is a safe bet to say that this bag seems familiar to you too. Just last week I raved about the color and smooshy leather of the Valentino Small Loop Shoulder Hobo Bag. Now today, I find myself thinking almost all the same happy thoughts about this Sofi Hobo. Smooth, gathered gorgeous leather (available in green, caramel, black and chocolate) is lined with a great paisley print and contains various pockets you will sure to put into good use.

To go a step further, I can’t help but comment on the versatility of this bag. Originally, the green color caught my attention, but when I checked out the bags in the other available colors, I found myself wanting one of these bags even more than before! Without a doubt, you could carry this bag during the day or at night and get positive feedback either way. And you know what else? The price is without a doubt much easier to swallow than the Valentino bag. Buy through Luna Boston for $484.

Helena de Natalio Sofi HoboA good everyday bag is hard to find. A good clutch is easier because it’s ability to match things and be practical doesn’t need to be particularly broad. A work bag is easier because no one will blame you if it’s more function than fashion. But an everyday bag? It has to be all things to all people – fashionable, practical, durable, and fun.

And maybe, just maybe, the Helena de Natalio Sofi Hobo could be that. It’s big and slouchy, with a lengthened strap that fits this season’s casual trends. It comes in a few neutral shades or a bright, trendy green (really folks, green is the color of Fall ’09), meaning you can probably figure out a way to match it to your outfit. It’s big enough to carry all of your stuff, and since it’s from a smaller brand, not everyone you know is going to be carrying the exact same bag. You might even have a few people ask you what it is and where you got it, and everyone loves that. You know you do. Buy through Luna Boston for $484.