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The Many Bags of Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria isn’t a fashion star in the same way that some of the people we’ve profiled (like Miranda Kerr) are fashion stars, but she’s a celeb who knows exactly what she likes, has a …

Slowly but surely Gustto bags have made their way into the hearts of many readers on this site. Many have said that at first glance, this brand is a little too far out there for their liking. However, as the brand continues to grow and diversify, there are more bags I like than bags I’m not fond of. There are certain details that are a bit much for me, but with the right outfit, I really think you can let the bag do the talking and pull together a great look. (more…)

Gustto Alina Leather Coin Purse

Here at Purse Blog and Purse Blog Savvy we cover great handbags all day every single day. Trust me when I say that I love every aspect of picking out some of the best, and sometimes the worst, handbags out there. However, you can’t neglect what goes inside that gorgeous handbag you are carrying. Enter the Gustto Alina Leather Coin Purse. (more…)

Agathe Planchon Gustto handbags are not new to us here at Purse Blog. In fact, we like these handbags so much that they are without a doubt one of our favorite Savvy Brands over at Purse Blog Savvy.

Recently I had a chance to speak with Founder and Creative Director of Gustto, Agathe Planchon. As she splits her time between San Diego and NYC it was no shock that I picked up on her easy going and approachable San Diego vibe.

Her story is not only amazing, but also a breath of fresh air. Of course we are all aware of the current state of the economy, but Agathe’s outlook is inspiring and uplifting. More than anything else, it was wonderful to hear that people still dream and believe in success. And it is no wonder so many celebrities have been spotted carrying these bags. They are unique, well made and a great accessory to so many outfits. We’ve had a chance to photograph some of these bags in person for our Bag Art and they were certainly hard to give back. We hope you enjoy the interview and make sure to stay tuned, there is much more Gustto to come!

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Stock photos are, very often, terrible. There’s always harsh overhead lighting and a bunch of tissue paper stuffed into a bag until it might burst, and that’s just not any way to decide what a bag might look like in real life, with your stuff inside of it. I’m always surprised by how many bags look beautiful in person that I would have dismissed completely based only on their online pictures. There is a right way to photograph a bag, of course, just not many people do it. We do, though, and it proves that sometimes it take a non-stock photo to realize how tremendously beautiful a bag really is.

Gustto Donna Torsa Satchel

My favorite example of this phenomenon is the Gustto Donna Torsa Satchel. It looks perfectly serviceable, if a tad odd, in its stock photos from Bloomingdale’s. But when you take a look at the beautiful Bag Art photos that Megs and Vlad took, which can be found here, the bag seems much softer and slouchier than it does when stuffed with tissue and the overall effect is much more fashionable and chic. Buy through Bloomingdales for $790.

Gustto Torsa in Orange on the beach

Megs on a morning stroll with the Gustto Torsa by the beach.

Shop: $790 via Gustto or Bloomingdale’s.

Gustto Large Estola  BagFor all of you who follow celebs and handbags as much as we do, you’ve noticed that Gustto handbags are making their way to the forefront of many magazines. I feel like more times than not, I turn my head and I see a celeb carrying a Gustto handbag. I was lucky enough to meet with some of the Gustto staff a couple months ago back in San Diego and I can’t wait to continue to bring you great news about Gustto – I am sure you’ll be as happy as I am! Gearing up to that, check out the great Valentine’s Day answers Agathe, the Creative Director and President of Gustto had to share with us!

Being from France, are there different traditions when it comes to Valentine’s Day there than here? Valentine’s Day is, universally, about “l’amour” – spending time with the person you love. Traditions are the same in France, and with the French in America! One tradition my husband and I have is to wake up together and have breakfast in bed – we like croissants and fresh-squeezed orange juice, sometimes a mimosa! We also make that day our own; we turn off our Blackberries and just make the day about us. (more…)

Hillary Duff carrying Gustto PaviaGustto is not a new brand, yet it still might have just entered many of handbag lovers radar screens. I’ve mentioned before that I had a chance to visit the Gustto office out in San Diego, California last November. It was great to meet so many folks that help drive the company. While I was out there, I was told that many handbags had been picked up by some of our favorite celebs and that we were bound to see them more and more. Well, that certainly is the truth. Hilary Duff has been spotted carrying the Gustto Pavia handbag all over the place. And although I know some of you might not really follow the whole “It Brand”, but Gustto handbags seem to have made their way up there. The Gustto Pavia is a gorgeous large soft suede bucket style handbag. The vertical zigzag pattern gives the handbag personality while the open top and handles with brass hardware offers a different look and feel. Duff carried the grey Pavia, but you can get yours in purple, olive or black if you are not fond of the grey. Buy through shoprumor for $665.

How ready are you for this giveaway to get started? I know I have been filling your head with handbag giveaway teasers for a few days now, but finally everything can get started. We’ve teamed up with Luxaholics to bring you the 12 Days of Handbag Giveaways. Starting today through Wednesday, December 24th (weekends excluded) we will be giving away at least one designer handbag a day.


So, how does everything work? Each day from 9AM EST through 8:59 AM EST the following day (24 hours) you will have the chance to enter that day’s giveaway. You will need to provide the secret code which will be found in that day’s Purse Blog post when entering over at Luxaholics. Only one entry per person/per day. Of course you can enter each day during the 12 Days of Handbag Giveaways. A winner will be randomly selected and notified within 24 hours following that day’s giveaway.

Enough with all the rules and regulations… let’s see the first handbag! Today we kick off with the gorgeous Gustto Polina handbag. Gustto has been making it’s way into my heart over the past few months. Gorgeous yet practical, these handbags also seem to have something extra to them. Take this handbag for instance; the soft red leather, chain strap or handle and of course the loose bow detail all work really well together. The bag has plenty of room to store everything you tend to carry around. And you know, there is something to be said for a red handbag. Whether you think vixen, sexy, chic, sophisticated or fun when you see red, this handbag is definitely one you’d love toting around. Now, this fabulous bag retails for $700, but you have a chance to win it.

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Today’s secret code: Agathe

While I was out on the West Coast I had the chance to head down to San Diego and check out the Gustto offices. It was great to be surrounded by people who clearly have a passion for what they do. I was able to check out where they keep all their bags (seriously it was like a little piece of heaven) as well as meet with some people on the creative side of the table. Although I know it happens, I can’t believe designers are already seasons ahead of us right now! As I came across the Gustto Baca Bag I was reminded of the time and attention to detail I saw going into the upcoming designs. This bag screams fun. The pebbled leather, metal ring detail, and gold hardware come together as a handbag that can be carried by such a wide variety of women. I can see someone young grabbing this as they run out to meet up for happy hour just as woman a bit older picks up this bag in order to add a bit of spice to her wardrobe. I absolutely love when I think I’ve found a handbag that might be able to transcend generations. Even if you don’t find yourself craving this particular Gustto bag, definitely keep your eye out, they are putting out some amazing handbags! Buy this bag through Shop Bop for $695.

I’ve been on a navy kick this week. A couple days ago over on Purse Blog, I wrote about the Fendi Borderline Satin Clutch which boasts gorgeous blue satin. Now, I just have to share the Gustto Cala Croco Satchel. Since I mentioned the navy kick, I am sure you already know that the first thing I noticed about this handbag was the gorgeous navy stamped italian croco leather. But the more I looked at it, the more I fell in love with the double handles. These aren’t just any double handles, they have character! The bag has plenty of storage space and sturdy canvas lining. At the same time, I can’t get over how durable yet fashionable the bag looks. This being the case, this is the kind of handbag that will last for seasons to come without ever becoming dated. Add the reasonable price tag to the equation and you have a great handbag! Buy through Saks for $539.

Gustto Umbria Bag

I’ve never written about a Gustto bag before, and the reason why is simple: I usually don’t like them very much, and sometimes I actually try to stick to the adage of “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” My discretion and ability to hold my tongue should be noted, because I don’t usually get a lot of opportunities to brag about it.

And now, all of that tongue-holding has paid off, because some of Gustto’s fall collection is actually quite attractive – particularly their Gustto Umbria Bag. And as such, I get to say nice things, and I feel like a good person for at least 20 minutes. Until I go and steal some of my roommate’s milk because I forgot to buy my own (shhh, don’t tell her, she never drinks it all before it expires anyway).

The Gustto Umbria bag looks like it’d be soft as a pillow and light as a feather, and if that extra strap is detachable (please, God, why must you assault our eyes with such unnecessary things on so many otherwise-beautiful bags?), then I bet it would be a great everyday bag for winter. I always prefer an arm-held bag to a shoulder bag during colder seasons since I find that it can be hard to wedge a regular hobo or tote onto a shoulder over layers of coats and sweaters, but you find no such problem with a bag carried by hand or in the crook of the elbow. Plus, the little airplane-like seatbelt detail is really cute and different and adds a touch of irreverent personality.

It also comes in some beautiful shades – both a to-die-for medium grey and a brown-based burgundy are available, plus a black for those of you that buy that sort of color. It’s available for a very reasonable $620 via ShopBop.