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While I was out on the West Coast I had the chance to head down to San Diego and check out the Gustto offices. It was great to be surrounded by people who clearly have a passion for what they do. I was able to check out where they keep all their bags (seriously it was like a little piece of heaven) as well as meet with some people on the creative side of the table. Although I know it happens, I can’t believe designers are already seasons ahead of us right now! As I came across the Gustto Baca Bag I was reminded of the time and attention to detail I saw going into the upcoming designs. This bag screams fun. The pebbled leather, metal ring detail, and gold hardware come together as a handbag that can be carried by such a wide variety of women. I can see someone young grabbing this as they run out to meet up for happy hour just as woman a bit older picks up this bag in order to add a bit of spice to her wardrobe. I absolutely love when I think I’ve found a handbag that might be able to transcend generations. Even if you don’t find yourself craving this particular Gustto bag, definitely keep your eye out, they are putting out some amazing handbags! Buy this bag through Shop Bop for $695.