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There’s no metallic like a dark metallic. Light silver and gold can look cheap and plasticky even on the best leather, but when shades of dark bronze and gunmetal are involved, the end result is almost always incredibly chic. Embossed snakeskin tends to look tacky when combined with metallics in particular, but the Whiting & Davis Snake-Embossed Leather and Metal Mesh Clutch pulls off the look with considerable style. (more…)

Was Valentino the first handbag company to master the leather flower, or are they just so masterful at it that I fail to remember all those that came before? Either way, more companies are giving it a shot, including the folks behind the Isabella Fiore Belle Fleur Alexandria Hobo.

Is it successful? Well, obviously not as much as your average Valentino bag, but it also costs a lot less. Let’s delve a bit deeper, after the jump. (more…)

Now this handbag is something I wouldn’t have expected to come from Botkier. In fact, I really had to stop and look at this bag rather closely in order to give it a fair review. Sometimes it is difficult for me to give an unbiased review when the bag seems so different, so outside of my personal realm of preference. However, I am going to try really hard with the Botkier Orion Snake Embossed Small Shoulder Bag. (more…)

Posting a bag that looks like this always makes me a little nervous. Well, scratch that. Posting a bag like this only makes me nervous when I LIKE it, and I feel like I’m about to be told how wrong I am and how ugly it is. Bloggers have feelings to. Well, sort of, anyway.

But I can’t help it. I think the Alison Wood Max’s Kansas City Hobo is really interesting and well-executed. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. You will not convince me otherwise! Plus, it’s a bag that not all of your friends have (yet). (more…)

Maybe it’s just because my past weekend was filled with nights out and cute (if I do say so myself) outfits, but this week, I can’t help but be drawn to clutches that I could possibly implement in my fall wardrobe. Since I’m in my early 20s, work from home, and live in a party town with a bunch of booze hounds, I end up using my clutches just as much (if not more than) I use my everyday totes and hobos.

I have managed to curate a small collection of them that get used over and over again, and I’ve got my eye out for more, as always. And lately, my eye has fallen on the Rebecca Minkoff Three-Zip Rocker. And how could I resist it? This little bag is just so freakin’ sparkly. (more…)

This is the first week of school here in Athens, Georgia. We are, of course, home of the University of Georgia and, since it’s mid-August, it’s time for the 35,000 students to show back up in town, like the swallows to Capistrano. Or something. It also means that I practically get a free post: it’s time to write about my favorite school bag of the season! These kinds of things write themselves, folks.

And this year, there is little to no competition. The Treesje Mortale Travel Tote is easily my favorite and definitely what I would be carrying, were I to be hauling my rear end up and down the nearly two-mile-long, hill-laden campus that resides mere minutes away. (more…)

Black leather? Gunmetal hardware? A hobo shape? Fashion meets function? There’s nothing I love more, obviously.

Well, except for seeing a bag I already love made even better, and that’s exactly what the new iteration of the Rebecca Minkoff Studded Devote Tote is. (more…)

Burberry Metallic Leather HoboIn general, I really don’t like so-called “neutral bags.” The leather has to be truly special, the design truly innovative and beautiful for me to look at one twice, and if it’s not, I bore really easily. My aversion is a result of the belief that there are so many bags out there made in so many beautiful colors, why would anyone choose one in a color that is supposed to, by definition, blend in and hide?

But when I do like a neutral, that neutral is almost always some version of pewter or gunmetal, and the Burberry Metallic Leather Hobo is a great example of that color. It’s not a bright silver at all – it has a lot of grey in it, but enough shine and innate glimmer to make it decidedly glam and metallic. I can see it going with almost anything, but I can’t imagine it blending in and hiding at all, as the “neutral” moniker would indicate. So if you’re going to do something neutral, please do something with at least a LITTLE BIT of a kick. Buy through Nordstrom for $1795.

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