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I can barely believe that Friday is with us yet again. That’s probably because the combination of spending half of the week in a different city and this past week’s change in the clocks has …

I’ve spoken previously about the painted eel bags from Gryson, and I still just can’t get over the burgundy color that they’ve used for several of them, including the Gryson Painted Eel Morgan Clutch.

I was unsure about the painted finish when I first wrote about the technique in black, but the lovely color variation of the painted burgundy has me entirely sold. This large, functional clutch would be great for day or night, and with a variety of colors, don’t you think? (more…)

I’m not sure where the folks at Gryson manage to find such beautifully textured, interesting leather, but they really should share their resources with others.

I know, I know. That’s a lot to ask of a brand when they’ve got so many other folks against which to compete. But really, leather as show-stopping and finely tanned as that on the Gryson Ariel Satchel is something more people should be using. It’d be unfair for them to keep it to themselves. (more…)

Earlier this month, we wondered what was up with the supposedly “painted” finish on the Gryson Painted Violet Bag. Because of the bag’s dark color, it was impossible to figure out what was so different about it compared to all the dyed finishes that we’re used to seeing, and it made the bag seem kind of pointless.

With a new material and a new color however, Gryson‘s lovely painted finish makes a much different impression on the Gryson Painted Eel Olivia Bag. (more…)

More often than not, the names that designers give their bags make sense. Sometimes it’s a woman’s name, sometimes it’s a descriptive name, but it’s usually pretty obvious where they come from.

But I can’t quite figure out why the Gryson Painted Violet Bag is advertised as such – does it look painted to you? I’m having a hard time seeing any special effect at all. If I’m missing something, please enlighten me. (more…)

Once upon a time, in the 1980s, MCM was, like, a thing. Or at least that’s what I gather – I was still wearing diapers for much of that time period. They seemed to be fond of making logo-covered fabric bags, which were so obviously recognizable that they became easily dated when they went out of style.

Well, MCM is back with a new look, and it has nothing to do with their 80s logo’d messes. They’re collaborating with new designers to update their image, and the MCM Giornio Tote, designed by Marc Jacobs alum and Gryson owner Joy Gryson, is a strong statement of modernity. (more…)

I’ve never seen a Gryson bag in person (I don’t think there are any stores that stock many of them around here), but from the pictures that I’ve seen online of the most recent collection, the leather that they use looks absolutely drool-worthy and the designs look functional but young.

Gryson Tutu Convertible Tote

So if you’re looking for a great everyday bag, maybe consider the Gryson Tutu Convertible Satchel. The leather looks exceptionally soft and matte, plus the dark charcoal grey color is a great compromise for people that want a neutral that will take them through fall and winter but don’t want to buy another black bag. The leather looks thick, which may make the bag heavier than desirable, but if your arms get tired than it comes with a crossbody strap that will give you a bit of a rest. For those like me that aren’t a big fan of extra straps, it appears to be completely removable. Gotta love options, right? Buy through Saks for $668.50.

Gryson Lola ToteYay, new Gryson! I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve seen new bags from them, and although I haven’t adored their previous collections, I think they have a ton of potential to innovate and make great things. And I think I was right, if the new iteration of the Gryson Lola Tote is any indication. Dark pink and black is one of my favorite color combinations, and the bold colorblocking on this tote (it almost looks like it’d hang like a hobo when worn…a tobo!) makes it wearable in more ways than if it had been combined as a pattern or in a more intricate way. When there’s a pattern, it becomes difficult to match a bag to clothing with any kind of pattern, so I recommend bags with large swaths of color, if a bicolor bag is your think. The leather also looks pretty fantastic on this bag – soft, matte, thick. All the reviews I’ve read of Gryson bags in the past have said wonderful things about the materials that are used, and I can see why. When a big is going to by simple in design, such as this one, leather quality is an absolute and total necessity – it becomes to feature point of the bag. It’s clear from the pictures that this company’s designers understand that. Buy through Saks for $795.

Gryson Hannah BagPretty in pink? I don’t know about you, but every year around Valentine’s Day my eye is drawn to hues of red and pink much more than during other times of the year. This being the case, the Gryson Hannah Bag jumped out at me due to the color. Well, it was at least the color that first grabbed my attention. The soft magenta leather is girlie while the classic shape of the handbag makes the bag durable and wearable. There are double handles or double shoulder straps to choose from. It’s not often that you see double shoulder straps, but I have to say, I kind of like something different. Start carrying this bag around Valentine’s Day and continue carrying it through the Spring and Summer months. Buy through Luna Boston for $695.

I know many of our recent posts have revolved around the holiday season, but hey, what do you expect? Tis the season, right? Anyways, you know how I feel about handbags that are a tad on the smaller side yet boast a shoulder strap – I’m usually not a fan – but that is just my personal preference. Well, if you live in a big city, you know how everyone tells you, especially during the holidays, to keep your handbag as close to you as possible. In this case, a handbag with a shoulder strap, like the Gryson Tessa Shoulder Bag would be a great option. First of all, the bag is not big and bulky which really equates to “easy to grab”. And the shoulder strap is adjustable so you can sport this on your shoulder or across your body, totally up to you. This is one of those handbags that doesn’t have anything that really jumps out at you, but it is practical and actually looks pretty good too. So, big city or small city, do you find yourself being a little more cautious about which bag you carry while shopping? Buy this handbag through Saks for $425.

Do you ever find yourself looking at something and you don’t know why, but you just like it? Well, that is how I feel about the Gryson Lola Liquid Nylon Bag. As much as I like to find bags that stick with classic shapes, I also like to spice up my collection every now and again. Now, don’t think I am uber plain or anything like that, because I know you might be sitting there thinking, “umm, Shannon, this bag isn’t *that* out there”. But for some reason, this bag really caught my eye because it is so different than anything I currently own. I actually really like the way the bag has a mixture of texture and color. Shimmery Italian eggplant colored nylon is accented with black leather trim, a rib patent stripe and lined with my favorite… suede. All of this is then tied together with silvertone hardware and stud detailing. A snap closure secures the contents in your bag and there are several different interior pockets to store items you need to be able to quickly grab. I think more than anything else, this bag seems fun and who doesn’t like fun? At the same time, the bag is practical and versatile. I don’t think you would grab this as you head out in an evening gown, but there are plenty of places you could wear this bag to. Buy through Saks for $475.

Has anyone realized that Vlad and I have been MIA for the past two weeks? We attempted to connect to the online world, we attempted to chat with you all, but there was no internet to be found. We were on vacation in Ohio for two weeks, where Hurricane Ike hit. Ohio. Yes, a hurricane hit Ohio and actually took out massive amounts of power and downed massive amounts of trees. How that storm kept it together for that long, I have no idea. Just want to say I hope all affected by Ike, especially those in Texas, are on the path to recovery ok.

Being in Ohio at times feels like a different world. I can only explain it in a way that things are just slower. It is the Midwest, things work differently. But I love that and miss it. People go out of their way to say hello, ask about your day, and open up doors. I love it. (more…)