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I know many of our recent posts have revolved around the holiday season, but hey, what do you expect? Tis the season, right? Anyways, you know how I feel about handbags that are a tad on the smaller side yet boast a shoulder strap – I’m usually not a fan – but that is just my personal preference. Well, if you live in a big city, you know how everyone tells you, especially during the holidays, to keep your handbag as close to you as possible. In this case, a handbag with a shoulder strap, like the Gryson Tessa Shoulder Bag would be a great option. First of all, the bag is not big and bulky which really equates to “easy to grab”. And the shoulder strap is adjustable so you can sport this on your shoulder or across your body, totally up to you. This is one of those handbags that doesn’t have anything that really jumps out at you, but it is practical and actually looks pretty good too. So, big city or small city, do you find yourself being a little more cautious about which bag you carry while shopping? Buy this handbag through Saks for $425.