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Do you ever find yourself looking at something and you don’t know why, but you just like it? Well, that is how I feel about the Gryson Lola Liquid Nylon Bag. As much as I like to find bags that stick with classic shapes, I also like to spice up my collection every now and again. Now, don’t think I am uber plain or anything like that, because I know you might be sitting there thinking, “umm, Shannon, this bag isn’t *that* out there”. But for some reason, this bag really caught my eye because it is so different than anything I currently own. I actually really like the way the bag has a mixture of texture and color. Shimmery Italian eggplant colored nylon is accented with black leather trim, a rib patent stripe and lined with my favorite… suede. All of this is then tied together with silvertone hardware and stud detailing. A snap closure secures the contents in your bag and there are several different interior pockets to store items you need to be able to quickly grab. I think more than anything else, this bag seems fun and who doesn’t like fun? At the same time, the bag is practical and versatile. I don’t think you would grab this as you head out in an evening gown, but there are plenty of places you could wear this bag to. Buy through Saks for $475.