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Due to popular demand, I’m giving the season finale of Gossip Girl another look, this time with a better Internet connection and a little more time to think about the episode. You asked for a real recap, so you’re going to get it. For those of you who are waiting to read about Real Housewives of New Jersey, check back tomorrow and I’ll see what I can do. Although I would like to go on the record as saying that when Bravo does a 90-minute episode, it really messes up my mojo. Do you hear me, Andy Cohen?

Anyway, back to the Upper East Side. Our New Yorkers got together to do their best impression of the Scooby Doo gang on Monday night – they solved mysteries, fought crime and took pregnancy tests. I’m pretty sure that Velma never got knocked up on Scooby Doo, but the times, they are a-changing. (more…)

As I arrived at my new apartment in New York yesterday approximately three and a half hours behind schedule, I found myself telling my cab driver that all’s well that end’s well – the delayed flight, the two-hour line at the LaGuardia taxi stand, the obscenely overpriced plate of chicken fingers at the Atlanta airport Houlihans – it was all fine because it had ultimately lead me to my much-awaited destination safe and sound. Little did I know, my feelings about the evening’s season finale of Gossip Girl would be much the same; most of the episode left me a little disappointed, but the ending more than made up for it.

I’m on pirated wifi at the moment and was only able to watch an extremely blurry online feed of last night’s episode, during half of which the sound was 30 seconds ahead of the picture, so I don’t think that any recap I could write of the show would be anything resembling coherent. Regular HD episode of Gossip Girl are confusing enough as it is. But let’s talk about last night’s finale and the cliffhangers for next season in the comments. Also, is anyone else kind of enraged that the writers would dare to compare Dan effing Humphrey to Jonathan Safran Foer? Blasphemy, I tell you. Not to mention that exposés of Upper East Side life are a little more Plum Sykes than JSF. (more…)

First things first: Gossip Girl producers announced yesterday afternoon that both Vanessa and Jenny are getting the ax and not returning for next season; I’m not sure exactly how they’ll be written off next week, but I’d like to suggest that they’re both shot into outer space. I don’t know if the producers can accomodate that request, but if they could consider it, that would be great.

Anyway! There was plenty to talk about last night other than news of departing cast members. It was not only the best episode of Gossip Girl in recent memory, but I couldn’t be more excited for what will surely be any absolutely crazypants season finale. So maybe if we get through this recap quickly, next Monday will come sooner? Maybe? (more…)

Last night’s episode of Gossip Girl sort of took a turn, didn’t it? For the first 50 minutes, we were all speeding along nicely through a fluff-filled landscape of princes and pretty dresses and Raina’s mom, a woman about whom precisely none of us care. And then it hit a wall. Or, more accurately, a window.

This was perhaps the first time in at least a season or two that I’ve felt genuinely surprised by the show, and now I find myself excited for the last two episodes. Much more so than I was before, anyway. Although are we really going to end the season with an off-the-rails Chuck storyline? Didn’t we do that last year? And does anyone else see Jack Bass and automatically think, “Ooh, it’s Quinn from Dexter!” (more…)

WTF, you guys. What was that? Last night’s episode of Gossip Girl was a mess. Tore up from the floor up, if you will. I know I didn’t recap last week, but I watched last week’s episode a second time before the new episode just to make sure that I was 100% certain of what was going on, and still. Clueless.

I know that Gossip Girl‘s writers have to mess everything up so that they can resolve things in the season finale in two weeks, but last night’s show was particularly insane, even by its normal standards. But that doesn’t mean I disliked it. No, no, quite the opposite, in fact. So let’s see if we can sort some stuff out, shall we? (Warning: We probably will not sort all of it out, I’m too confused.) (more…)

As you know if you participate in our weekly livetweeting, I went to a Lady Gaga concert last night instead of watching the return of Gossip Girl. I bought the tickets almost a year ago, so if the CW had asked me, I could have ensured that they rescheduled. But! They didn’t ask me. And because exhausted, sweaty and covered in glitter is no way to write a recap, I thought we would have an open thread instead.

And we’ll have plenty to talk about – the return of Cece and Billy Baldwin, the advent Lily’s heretofore unknown sister who has a weird yellow tooth, and Serena’s long lost cousin Charlotte, who sort of looks like a more common Blair Waldorf who should really consider a return to her natural hair color. (I’m sorry, that was sort of mean. But I’ve been an inappropriate blonde before, and it’s not a good look.) Oh, and there’s the small matter of the Dan-Blair-Chuck love triangle… (more…)

It looks as though last week’s manic, jumbled episode was all part of the plan. Gossip Girl‘s writers knew just how far they could push me before they gave me a good episode, and they got me right up to the brink of a hair-tearing, face-punching rage before unleashing last night’s hour of vintage Upper East Side fun. It was like the last two seasons had never even happened, and the writers stepped in to remind me why I loved this show, just when I needed it.

And it wasn’t that last night’s episode wasn’t complicated; it was, because this show is always complicated. But the writers handled it with far more grace and finesse than we’ve seen recently. Just in time to go to hiatus, of course – last night’s was the last new episode we’ll see until April 18th. That’s me who you hear softly weeping in the corner, and I’m as surprised by my sadness as anyone. (more…)

Is it just me, or was last night’s episode of Gossip Girl even more convoluted and unnecessarily complicated than usual? And when we’re talking about Gossip Girl, isn’t that really saying something? I didn’t recap last week because I was sick, so maybe I didn’t pay as much attention when I was watching that episode and completely screwed myself over for this one, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it wasn’t just me.

Consider, for instance, that last night’s show involved a huge shipment of cocaine, six-figure bribery, death threats, lots of completely fake interactions and the return of Vanessa the Weave Monster. Which is to say nothing of the entire plot involving how Chuck gained access to Russell’s computer. I don’t even want to go there. (more…)

What happened on last night’s episode of Gossip Girl? Well, I don’t know, really. I watched the show just as I do every week, but it’s getting more and more difficult to figure out how any of the stuff that happens therein connects to what happened last week or what will happen next. They could start the series over with an entirely different premise every episode and I’m not entirely sure I’d notice a difference.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun, though; watching pretty people with problems is always fun in its own way, and these people are particularly pretty and problem-plagued. Also, we continued our streak of episodes without Vanessa and Jenny, which makes me think that my fervent hope that the producers shot them into the sun might actually be a reality. (more…)

Was it just me, or were certain parts of last night’s Gossip Girl a tad less ridiculous than one might expect? It’s probably just me, and it probably means that this show has eaten whatever part of my soul hasn’t already been consumed by Real Housewives, but I found myself caring about a few of our characters once again.

Actually, what I mean to say is that I found myself caring about Blair and Dan. Maybe it’s just because Leighton’s quite a talented actress and Penn (how do these people have real-life names more ridiculous than their soap-opera names?) is a good humorless foil for her, but whatever the reason, maybe I’m not so opposed to Dair after all. Did I really just say that? (more…)

Raise your hand if you spent the first half of last night’s episode of Gossip Girl trying to remember what happened in the first half of the season and where the last installment left off. I watch Gossip Girl professionally and spend hours every Monday night thinking about it, and my hand is still firmly raised.

That’s ok, though, because at this point in our Upper East Side journey, the plots and narrative arcs don’t really matter all that much, and the writers know that as well as any of us do. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the bumpy ride. (more…)

I would call last night’s episode of Gossip Girl a comedy of errors, but there was nothing funny about the mistakes that had been made, some of them willfully, to result in an innocent man’s imprisonment and his desperate sister’s misguided revenge fantasy, perpetrated on the wrong rich blonde. Is it just me, or has this show gotten a tad dark over the past month? Where are Blair’s color-coded minions? Serena’s spangly, inappropriately short outfits? Where was Dorota? I’d ask where Jenny and Vanessa were, but I’m afraid that if I say their names too many times, they might appear in my mirror like Bloody Mary with a bad weave.

Last night’s installment was the de facto end to the first half of the season and it tied up some loose ends, answered a few questions and endeavored to correct some of the unfairness that had plagued both Serena and poor, jail-bound Ben. We also got a new villain, one that few people probably saw coming, myself included. (more…)

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