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Nothing irks me more than a little bag with a big bag’s price tag, which means that I almost always get excited to see one of Gorjana’s new bags show up in the New Arrivals section on ShopBop. The brand does a good job of keeping its prices reasonable, particularly when it comes to minibags and small crossbodies. The price tags are almost always equally diminutive. At just below $200, the Gorjana Madison Small Crossbody keeps the tradition of reasonableness alive. (more…)

We got quite a response the last time that I wrote about the Gorjana Hudson Quilted Crossbody Bag, and several posters were disappointed that it sold out soon after our review went up. Well, we thought that we’d let you know that ShopBop has restocked the little charmer, and it’s still at the totally reasonable price that got everyone so excited. Buy through ShopBop for $198.

There are a few things that I’m willing to admit about the Gorjana Hudson Quilted Crossbody Bag before we begin. First, I know that it smells vaguely of Eau de Chanel Ripoff. With quilting, a chain handle, and leather textured similarly to their famous caviar, of course it does. Also, the placement of the small gold studs reminds me a lot of the Marc Jacobs Single Studded Shoulder Bag, which is also quilted.

Despite all of that apparent non-originality, I still really like the bag. It’s reasonably priced, on-trend, and has lots of compartments on the inside to keep all of my stuff organized. In the correct context, even I am amenable to a bag that’s not entirely original. (more…)