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Goldenbleu Dallas Patent Patch HoboSo, many of you might already know this, but designer brand Goldenbleu is going out of business. It seems like almost every time I read the news or turn on the tv I hear about a company laying off workers or closing down for good. Although this can get you down, I am trying to take more of an optimistic approach. Everything will turn around, we just need to be patient and continue to pump what money we can back into the economy. And speaking of being optimistic, although we are sad Goldenbleu is going out of business, you know this means there will be several sales to capitalize on. Not only that, but if you don’t already own one, this could be your time to grab a Goldenbleu handbag! Take the Goldenbleu Dallas Patent Patch Hobo for example. This is a great day to day bag, yet at the same time, the hint of patent patchwork helps turn this day bag into one you might consider carrying at night. Get this sleek and chic look through Luna Boston for $250.