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Givenchy Goat Hair Nightingale
Kylie Jenner Givenchy Antigona
Givenchy Antigona Envelope Clutch

Givenchy Elene Eel Clutch

Ut-oh. I absolutely positively love this clutch. And when you look at it, it is nothing out of the ordinary. Simple shape and simple design. So simple yet so lovely. The exotic eel skin stands out beautifully in bright fuchsia. I want it. Sometimes what we love and desire does not make sense, even to us, and that is precisely how I feel about the Givenchy Elene Eel Clutch.

I know what you are thinking. Too plain. But there is a picture below that may change your mind. (more…)

Givenchy Sacca Chain Handle BagSometimes I don’t really want to carry an identifiable handbag. Not only have obviously-logo’d bags become a bit outre in some circles, but sometimes it’s just hard to play keep-up, don’t you think? The problem is that once you get used to carrying designer bags, you can’t really go back – you’re used to the great leather (oh, the smell of wonderful leather!), the beautiful linings, the attention to detail. The stench of PVC and cheap nylon linings just don’t do it for you. So when you want to fly under the radar but still carry something fabulous, what do you do? You carry something like the Givenchy Sacca Chain Handle Bag. It’s from a smaller but still storied line whose logo isn’t immediately obvious to the average person, but you know that Givenchy wouldn’t make a bag that was anything short of fabulous. The chain handles give a small touch of bling, but the real attraction I’m feeling here is the totally touchable off-white leather that makes up most of the bag. Don’t you just want to feel it? Everyone else will, too – but they won’t know why. Buy through Barneys for $1495.

One of my favorite bags from a designer that is not as mainstream in the handbag world is Givenchy. I have yet to own a Givenchy bag, but I have lusted after the Givenchy Nightingale time and time again. And now there is a new bag to yearn for from the house of Givenchy. The Givenchy Sacca Chain Handle Bag exudes pure style and elegance. Designed with grained leather, this small sac bag features a gold chain handle and a single leather handle. The shape of the bag is timeless. It will easily transfer from season to season, leaving you with a chic shoulder bag. The inside features dual open compartments separated by a middle zipper compartment, a side zip pocket, and a smaller open pocket. While this bag is available in other colors, the ivory is a stunner! Buy through Barneys for $1495.

Givenchy Nightingale
Givenchy Nightingale

Ok, I know, I know, my celebrity postings have been excessive lately. But all of my favorite ladies (some not so favorite) are carrying around the hottest handbags! It is hard to pass it up. Now this bag I think you will all enjoy, even if it is not in this color combination. The Givenchy Nightingale has been a fan favorite of stars like Ashley Olsen and a favorite of handbag lovers world wide for its sleek and clean appeal. There is something utterly perfect about this bag. What is even more perfect, is the beautiful Heidi Klum carrying it. Even more perfect you ask? Heidi Klum carrying it while being a great mom to her three children, Leni, Henry and Johan. And even more perfect than that… her body. I had to take it that step farther because when I saw her strut down the Victoria Secret runway merely 6 weeks after giving birth I got green with envy. And now I am green with envy over her green Givenchy Nightingale! This handbag is filling all the right categories. It is the perfect punch of color that spring is calling for, it is the perfect everyday bag, and it has that casual chic feel. This version sports a slightly wrinkled patent leather with a zip top closure, double top handles, and a removable shoulder strap. The inside is lined in fabric and has a side pocket and two organizational pockets. Dimensions are 13″ x 14″ x 6″. 5″. I loved this bag before, and now I have a slight case of obsession with it. If I had not just bought the Rebecca Minkoff Wine Nikki (ordered!!), Louis Vuitton Clutch (waiting for me!), and Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy (waiting for it to arrive), then I would most definitely go for it. But I have to show some restraint. Anyhow, my trip to NYC next week may have me leaving with a few other handbags, you never know :wink: Buy through Barneys for $1395. (more…)

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