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I am still laughing. So, my last post on Purse Blog Savvy was just about how I was in the mood for color. This is true, I still am. However, wouldn’t you believe, as soon as I started looking around, color was just everywhere! You have to notice the crayola big box worth of color displayed on this Giuseppe Zanotti Clutch. I’m not sure if I think the use of color makes the clutch look like it was made for a small child or if the use of color is just right when accompanied with an all black or close to all black ensemble. I mean, I suppose you could carry this clutch while wearing a bright shirt and dark pants, but I would really be worried that my over-all look was too 80’s neon-esque. No matter if you like the clutch or if you absolutely hate it, there is without a doubt an element of fun to it. And this being the case, it doesn’t matter how old you are, from time to time, all we want is to have a little fun! So what do you think, yay or nay? Buy through Zappos for $769.

When it comes to clutches, you pretty much know what to expect. Well, you might not completely know what to expect, but when you think of a clutch, at least the same shape comes to mind. So, I was definitely excited to see that the Giuseppe Zanotti White Canvas Jeweled Clutch offered something a little bit different than your typical clutch. When you open the top flap, there are two zip compartments! I know, it isn’t anything major, but to me, this difference is noteworthy. Sometimes with clutches, there just isn’t enough room. But with this one, you are sure to have enough room for the clutch worthy basics as well as your full set of keys AND cell phone! Getting past the double zip compartments, this is a perfect bag for the Fall. The white, orange, and brown color combination is both clean and rich at the same time. Now, add the jeweled ornament detailing along the front flap and the clutch completely comes together. Just make sure you keep this bag out of the reach of a small child, I could see little hands reaching towards the jeweling as if it was candy! Ok, I’m probably being a bit dramatic, but you can see where I am coming from. Buy through Bluefly for $724.