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I am still laughing. So, my last post on Purse Blog Savvy was just about how I was in the mood for color. This is true, I still am. However, wouldn’t you believe, as soon as I started looking around, color was just everywhere! You have to notice the crayola big box worth of color displayed on this Giuseppe Zanotti Clutch. I’m not sure if I think the use of color makes the clutch look like it was made for a small child or if the use of color is just right when accompanied with an all black or close to all black ensemble. I mean, I suppose you could carry this clutch while wearing a bright shirt and dark pants, but I would really be worried that my over-all look was too 80’s neon-esque. No matter if you like the clutch or if you absolutely hate it, there is without a doubt an element of fun to it. And this being the case, it doesn’t matter how old you are, from time to time, all we want is to have a little fun! So what do you think, yay or nay? Buy through Zappos for $769.