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Ginette Etc. Bogotta BagUgh. I kinda don’t like this bag. I kinda really don’t like it. The Ginette Etc. Bogotta Bag just seems a bit…unfinished. It looks like a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag halfway through the manufacturing process. Normally, I’m a big fan of rough details and bags that keep things simple in order to put their leather on display, but something about this is rubbing me the wrong way. Part of it is the flaps at the top…they’re just kind of there. They don’t lay all the way down, and they’re pointy and awkward. I’d never use the shoulder strap, as is my way, so their existence is a waste in its entirety to me.

Another part of my irritation seems to be coming from the handles. They look like they might be a little too, uh, flexible. If that makes any sense. Like they might not have any kind of firm support built in to them to keep them from wearing quickly. I’ve heard of other brands having similar problems with their top-handle bags because there was nothing stiff sewn into the inside, and these handles look like they could potentially be a little floppy and wear out a little quickly. And then there’s the color. It’s just sort of…puke brown. And that’s all I’ll say about that. Buy through ShopBop for $670.