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Furla Lily Tracolla Gigante BagDo you find yourself trying obtain the perfect black handbag just as many of us try and obtain the perfect little black dress? There are so many black handbags on the market it can make it hard to decide which one is just right for you. Should you opt for a big handbag or a small one? One with some detailing or one with no detailing at all? So many choices. Although choices are a good thing, sometimes they can seem overwhelming. The Furla Lily Tracolla Gigante Bag is a handbag I absolutely like. Obviously from the name and the image, you can tell it is a big handbag (which personally I love). The soft textured leather with pleating, silvertone rings, topstitched seams, a snap closure and a single shoulder strap round out the bag. I also am a huge fan of how the bag is structured yet has some give. Always a plus. Buy through Saks for $495.