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Everyone loves a sale, right? Of course. Bluefly just posted their extra 20% discount on tons of great stuff for President’s Day. Either head straight to the sale or read on for a few of my picks on the best bags available. (more…)

Furla Fenice HoboJust yesterday I was talking about how I would like to see some larger handbags that have a little more color to them. The See by Chloe Flap Jack Tote was a good example of a splash of color. Then today I came across the every so bright and bold Furla Fenice Hobo. Personally, when it comes to the color red I don’t think I can pull off large bags in that color. However, this bag made me think twice. Once again, Furla does a great job of using soft and touchable leather – always a plus. The silvertone hardware is great. If I could add anything, I might add a bit more hardware; I think it would help break up all the red just a little. I love the pleated and buckle detail along the sides and a top zip closure holds the countless items you might store in this bag. The one other thing I am not completely fond of is shoulder strap with a 7″ drop. For such a large bag, I feel like it might be awkward to carry on your shoulder. But hey, that is just me. Buy through Bluefly for $279.

Furla Ninfea-Grande Chain ShopperI’d like to see the Furla Ninfea-Grande Chain Shopper in person before I make any definitive pronouncements, but I think it might be my favorite spring and summer bag that I’ve seen so far this year. I mean, look at it. It’s so sailor-y. And boat-y. And I feel like I should wear something blue and white and possibly a large straw hat with it. Something with stripes…anyway, yeah, great bag. It’s white, but not TOO white, which can make leather look fake. It’s also got an oversized chain detail, but it’s obscured enough to be interesting and different. The chain is also tonal to the handbag, giving it a leg up over the scads of bags with giant metallic chains. But I have one point of contention, as always – the extra strap. No one needs that strap. The regular straps are plenty long for easy shoulder carrying. And this one does not appear to come off. What a pity. Other than that, we have a winner on our hands here. Now if I only had a boat… Buy through Nordstrom for $595.

You know that the holidays have infiltrated your life when you start to look at handbags and something very holiday specific comes to mind. Honestly, when I first saw the Furla Gigante Karolina Tracolla Hobo I though, hmmmm, doesn’t that look like Santa’s Bag? I know, I know, it sounds silly, but I figured I would share that with you. Ok, now for the handbag. This large tone-on-tone stitched red suede handbag is accented with golden hardware. I am definitely one who tends to gravitate towards slouchy bags. This bag demonstrates how an unconstructed shape can work. I feel like there is a delicate balance between a cool, slouchy look on a handbag as opposed to a handbag that looks like material has just been thrown together, a handle attached and that is that. As much as I love suede, I don’t like the maintenance that is usually required. I am after all, a no-nonsense kind of gal. However, if I made sure to take proper care of a suede bag, this is one I would consider purchasing. Buy through Saks for $545.

After a week over in the West Coast, I am back in South Florida. When I landed this morning, it was pretty overcast and rainy, but now it looks like the sun might make an appearance. But, weather aside, every time I travel I can’t help but stare at the bags being toted around at the airport. I don’t know about you, but I know traveling days usually equate to the heaviest handbag days. Between all of my normal, day to day stuff, I also need to cram in a couple magazines, my iPod, maybe a couple snacks and who knows what else. Even though I have tons to toe around, I don’t really want to compromise style. The Furla Oxana Medium Shopper seems like a great travel bag to me. The size is great – plenty of room for all of your travel essentials. At the same time, it just looks like a great handbag. The dual shoulder straps clearly provide enough support as you are making your way through the airport or through the mall. Interior lining is of course a must, but with a bag this big, I like that just one simple and accessible interior pocket is included. That pocket is crucial. Throw your keys, ID and cell phone in the pocket and they are always just a quick reach away. What do you think? Would this be the kind of bag that would spice up airport attire? Buy through Zappos for $734.

Years ago when I began watching Sex and the City on a regular basis I couldn’t help but notice the eclectic variety of handbags the ladies would tote around from episode to episode. Yes, I know, Sex and the City is old news, but to this day, there are certain bags I stumble across that I could see being used on the show. The Furla Nausicca Xsmall Top Handle Bag is one of them. No, it’s not one of those bags that is way out there nor is it an overly conservative bag Miranda might have carried from time to time. In fact, I can think of situations in which and of the four ladies might have carried this bag. The croc embossed leather is accentuated simply due to the color chosen, a bright and bold red. Furla is known to pay close attention to the leather chosen for its handbags and even from the image above, you can see that the leather looks amazing. The silvertoned pushlock closure is a perfect size for this small bag. No, this is not the kind of handbag you would be able to fit a lot into, but it is a great option when you are debating between a clutch and a small bag. The other great thing about this bag, the price. Buy through Bluefly for $210.

I know there might be some of you out there who might be interested in venturing out into the world of handbags a little more than you currently do. I know that is how I started. I wasn’t the kind of person who had tons of handbags while I was in high school or even college for that matter. Then, slowly but surely I started to expand my collection. I remember the first handbag where I thought to myself, “this is definitely different than what I am used to”. Well, it wasn’t a handbag, it was a wallet. So, when I found the Furla Red Croc Stamped Leather Continental Wallet I figured I would talk about it a bit and perhaps help some of you out there who are interested in venturing out to the amazing handbag world.

This wallet is fabulous. The red croc stamped leather and silvertone hardware combination is so chic. As to be expected, the interior has 8 card slots, slip pocket, and expanding compartment with two-zip pouches. If you aren’t ready to do a little overhaul on your handbags, you can always start slowly with a wallet like this. Each time I look at it, I love the red color – it just pops. Help spice up your collection with this wallet and buy through Bluefly for $110.