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Teal has always been one of my favorite bag colors. It’s vibrant enough to be considered a bright, but it’s not bright enough to be offensive or garish. And most people like blue, so teal tends to get lumped into that as well.

Which is why I like the Francesco Biasia Emily IV Crinkled Leather Tote so much. It’s a beautiful color, it’s all leather, and it’s priced very fairly – plus, who can’t use a roomy tote from time to time? (more…)

I am going to be honest. I came across this handbag as I was checking out Rachel Zoe’s handbag picks on Piperlime. First of all, I absolutely love when websites have picks based on the advice/opinions of others in the fashion world. You might remember that we’ve partnered to do something like this with Bluefly… the Purse Blog Store! Ok, ok, I digress, back to the topic at hand.

Francesco Biasia Allison

Not that I don’t admire Rachel Zoe, but I do take what she says/recommends with a grain of salt. However, I am really liking her Francesco Biasia Allison Tote. In fact, I am actually loving this vintage inspired large leather tote. The orange-ish earth toned leather is perfect for so many occasions. Not sure how you’d carry the bag? No worries! Pick up the bag’s double handle strap or throw the shoulder strap over your shoulder and you are ready to go. The detailing might not catch your eye, but it is there and it is worth a second look. Rouching accents the bottom of the bag while the handles have some lovely stitching and weaving. Rachel Zoe, I agree with you on this one, this bag is great! Buy through Piperlime for $548.

A little bit of inside info about PurseBlog: between the regular site and Savvy, I usually write around 8 posts per day, 5 days per week. I have basically the coolest job of anyone I know, but every now and then, I get a little bleary-eyed and dizzy from looking at that many handbags. Bags sort of blend together, and sometimes I don’t notice things that should probably be obvious.

Francesco Biasia Lillian Double Belted Satchel

For example, I never would have realized that the Francesco Biasia Lillian Satchel looks so much like the Jimmy Choo Riki Tote if two things hadn’t happened: if I hadn’t written a post about Choo’s double-belted bags only yesterday, and if the Nordstrom website hadn’t referred to it as “double-belted.” I think it should have been clear to me from the beginning, though. Choo has been doing various bags like this for more than a year now, and the two belts at the top are one of their biggest signatures. The Biasia bag doesn’t take very design element from the Riki, and it makes the idea somewhat their own with the front knotting, but I still think they shouldn’t have gone there. Double belts at the top of the bag are something that Choo has used as a key design element in a huge number of their bags in recent seasons, and I think it’s in poor taste for another brand to be using them in such a similar way so soon. Buy through Nordstrom for $398.