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We’ve written about Foley + Corinna’s fabulous line of City bags so many times that it just can’t be counted. They’re just shaped so well – they look easy and effortless, everything that a proper blase hipster or uptown girl wants to be. And this latest version is also miniature, like the shrunken leopard City Tote I wrote about recently.

But what’s newer and edgier about this Foley + Corinna Dumond Disco City Studded Leather Cross Body Bag is that it’s studded – but only slightly. Rather than just taking the same road as many handbag designers by splashing studs all over their bags, this bag does it sparingly and in an innovative manner. The studs function as the bag’s hinges, which makes them look utilitarian but in the most glam way possible, of course. (more…)

We’ve already covered the snake-print hobo version of the Foley + Corinna Leather Buckle Satchel, but this grey version in arm-carried form is compelling enough that I think it deserves a post and discussion of its own.

I’m a big advocate of grey accessories as a modern, year-round alternative to black and brown, and like the hobo iteration, the asymmetrical buckle placement makes this bag a little more interesting than your average leather satchel. (more…)

It might be a bit early to declare box bags as a trend, but the sight of Victoria Beckham carrying one a little while back and now the appearance of fall’s Alexander Wang Tai Dopp Kit Bag make it seem as though more such bags will come out of the woodwork in the near future. Boxes certainly fit with the emerging trend of petite, streamlined, slightly retro handbags, and if you want to hop on this look before all of your friends know about it, we’ve got a few suggestions – one that plays up the bag’s grey tone, another that accents the creams and beiges. (more…)

It’s been a while since I really, really liked a Foley + Corinna bag. It’s not that I’ve disliked the brand’s recent offerings, but more that they haven’t inspired much critical thinking. I can only write so many posts about the dozens of different City Tote iterations before my ability to think of new words to describe them ceases to continue.

On the other hand, I really quite like the Foley + Corinna Python Buckle Hobo. In the brand’s tradition, the design is relatively free of unnecessary complications and totally user-friendly, but the asymmetrical buckle placement gives it just enough attitude to make it noticeable beyond your average hobo. (more…)

If you haven’t yet seen the newest teeny tiny Foley + Corinna City bags, then make your way to your nearest Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, or Saks Fifth Avenue as soon as possible to take a peek”” within reason, of course. (more…)

Wow! Now THIS is an edgy bag that I can wrap my mind around. Ok, I am about to state the obvious, but hear me out for a second. A little while ago I was kind of over Foley + Corinna bags. They all seemed to be the same just available in different colors or slightly different sizes. Anyone else with me on that?

So, today, I started looking around at what Bloomingdale’s has available. Per usual, I found myself going from item to item, giving a mental thumbs up or thumbs down and continuing on. As I ventured back to the handbag section I saw a lot of what I’ve seen before. That was until I came across this beauty. (more…)

First and foremost, when it comes to Foley + Corinna handbags, I am used to seeing totes, not clutches. But today, I saw this Foley + Corinna Fold Over Clutch and I couldn’t help but want to investigate a bit further. The first thing I thought was that I wished that I saw this clutch before New Year’s because this could have been a contender. (more…)

If you looked at the picture of the Foley + Corinna Cargo Bag before you started reading this post (which I’m fairly sure you did), then you can probably already guess what I’m going to write about it. Ladies and gentlemen, we have proportion issues!

The issue, though, is that I can’t decide if the bag’s issues are a good thing or a bad thing. Playing with proportion is one of the most important avenues to innovation, and if no one ever innovated, I wouldn’t have a job and handbags wouldn’t be any fun. It’s also one of the riskiest things to do, since a sense of proportion is innate in most people that find any value in aesthetics – violate that, and you might have a serious problem selling bags. (more…)

You see, my friends, this is the dilemma. I’m a fan of tie-dye: it’s fun and colorful and represents peace, freedom, and all that 60’s jazz. However, I’m not completely partial to this Foley + Corinna Tie Dye Mid City Tote. I admit that the reason behind by skepticism is a bit picky, but I’ll explain.

There are a few different types of tie dye: there’s the classic spiral pattern, the more dramatic V, and the ever-controversial dip dye or line dye. The last is where we find this tote. Now, it may be because I have a slight affinity to the spiral, but I find the great big straight lined of dye on this tote to be slightly oppressing. However, that said, would I wear it? Absolutely. (more…)

Ahh, finally. It’s been a while since Foley + Corinna came through for me with a bag that I truly enjoy, but the day has come.

The Foley + Corinna Zipper Bag isn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s simple, functional and on-trend at a very reasonable price. (more…)

One of my favorite colloquial terms of all time is “disco nap.” For those that aren’t familiar, it’s the nap that you take in the early evening, in between your normal, daily activities and the night’s revelry and/or drinking. Anyone who’s ever been to college knows the importance of the disco nap (or naps in general. Really, they’re beautiful) and has taken many in his or her life, whether or not their proper name was known at the time.

So what does that have to do with the Foley + Corinna Disco City Bag? Besides the inclusion of the word “disco,” nothing. I just like writing about things that aren’t entirely handbag related sometimes. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. Anyway, so what about the bag? (more…)


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