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Foley + Corinna Washed Drawstring BagSo we’ve got a few trends that have surfaced in a big way lately – super-slouchy bags, long straps, a slight (or, at times, not-so-slight) hippie influence. When new trends emerge quickly and simultaneously, it can be hard to decide how and when to buy a new bag, which trends it should fit in to, and which ones are going to stick around for the long haul. Well, ladies, I think I’ve found a bag that fits the trends without being obvious that also won’t break the bank too badly: the Foley + Corinna Washed Drawstring Bag.

It’s slouchy without being too big and ridiculous, so it would still be useful when size trends change. The unfinished edges and natural color are a bit hippie-reminiscent, but the design is so clean and simple that it doesn’t scream 1970s as much as many of the bags I’ve seen recently. And the strap is a bit longer than your average hobo, but not so long that you’re going to be constantly whacking yourself in the knees whenever you carry it. Overall, it’s a good bag to satisfy a number of recent trends without sinking all your cash into a bunch of different purses. Buy through ShopBop for $445.

Do I like the Foley + Corinna Metallic Supple Jet Setter Jr. Tote in general? Yes, yes I do. I’ve written about it previously, and I quite enjoy it, overall. Do I like the Foley + Corinna Metallic Supple Jet Setter Jr. Tote? No, no. Not at all. Why? Because, inexplicably, the trim does not at all match the body of the bag. The main section is a bright silver with a bit of distressing – no gold undertones, a few blue ones, and I bet it would look almost white in some light. And then there’s the trim. It’s roughly the color of masking tape and doesn’t seem to have anything at all to do with what the rest of bag is doing.

Foley + Corinna Metallic Supple Jet Setter Jr. Tote

If they had managed to distress the bag a little more and let more of the tan show through under the silver, it might have worked. Or, if they had used a different kind of silver paint – one with more gold to it that would fit more appropriately with cardboard-colored surroundings. As it is, I’m very confused, and somewhat unhappy. This is a bag that looks chic and understated in almost any color or finish, and now they’ve gone and found one that I truly dislike. Buy through ShopBop for $528.

You know what I always think of when I hear the word “jitney?” I think of the episode of Sex and the City where they all ride out to the Hamptons on the jitney and Charlotte meets a guy in his 20s, lies about her age, and he gives her crabs. And not the friendly, dipped-in-butter type of crabs. No no, the other kind. The itchy, ointment-requiring kind. But I’m not going to let the fact that I associate the word with euphemistic sexually transmitted diseases cloud my opinion of the Foley + Corinna Jitney Tote. A jitney is, in general terms, just a bus or other vehicle that has a regular route and makes stops, which would indicate to me that this tote is supposed to be used for travel. I’ll worry later about the wisdom of using a mostly-white bag as a carry-on; for now, I just really like it.

Foley + Corinna Jitney Tote

It has a vintage luggage look to it, and I like the black and white bicolor. It looks like it would easily hold some magazines or books for travel entertainment, plus your regular essentials, and it gives you two ways to carry it. A classy-looking travel bag can be exceedingly hard to find since so many either aren’t made of leather or have odd patterns to them, and finding a nice leather one will usually set you back in excess of a thousand dollars. This one, though, can be had for a cool $600 through Saks.

Foley + Corinna Bar ClutchOh, you guys, I kind of like the Foley + Corinna Bar Clutch. In a weird way. At first I was like, “Heck, no!” And now I’m like, “I see what they did there.” At first look, it’s just a rectangle of leather hanging off a metal bar. Ok, so that might be what it is on second (and all subsequent) looks as well, but they did kind of a neat little thing with it. Instead of opening on the end with the handle, it has a full zip opening on the side, hidden where a seam would normally be. And that’s kind of clever, right? It preserves the one-bar structure of the bag and the modern, unexpected shape but also makes the bag functional. It’s certainly not the same black flap clutch that all of your friends will be taking out with them at night, and I’m sure it would garner many questions from girlfriends and strangers alike. In a world of clutches that can get a bit boring and repetitive, it’s nice to see Foley + Corinna do something outside of the box, even though I’m not entirely sure I love it. I do like it, though, and I think it will continue to grow on me if I continue to think about it. And I really hope that that side zipper holds, or else your ID and lip gloss is going to be strewn all across the floor of a bar, and we certainly don’t want that. Buy through Shop Bop for $268.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that my favorite brand is Balenciaga. I’ve had more Balenciaga bags over the years than any other brand, and although their designs remain largely unchanged since their debut, their many-colored motorcycle mags never cease to catch my attention. Of all the Balenciaga bags, the City style is probably by second favorite. I’m a hobo girl, so I prefer the Day, but I had a 2005 Teal City that I used over and over again for several years. For the uninitiated, the City is a simple, lightweight, often candy-colored small satchel that also has a long strap for coulder carry. In this economy, though, my only criticism of the Balenciaga City is its price: at over $1,000, it’s simply not feasible to own one for the vast majority of people. I may have found a high-quality and much more affordable alternative, though: the Foley + Corinna Glazed City Clutch (appropriate name, eh?). The size and shape are very similar to the Balenciaga bag of almost the same name and it retains both the satchel handle and the longer strap for shoulder carry. Also like the Balenciaga, it comes in a variety of colors, but my favorite is the Glossy Eggplant. What’s not like Balenciaga, however? The price: buy through ShopBop for $444.

I tend to be the kind of person who finds a day to day bag and just sticks with it. When you think about it, for the most part there is one bag that tends to be your “go to bag”, right? It’s that bag that seems to go with every outfit and serves multiple purposes. Sure I will switch things up when I go out at night or if I have a really awesome handbag that goes with a certain outfit. It usually takes my sister or my mom to point out that it is time for a new bag. So, when I saw the Foley + Corinna Studded City Clutch, I thought this could be my next “go to bag” replacement. The leather looks soft and the studs give the bag an extra bit of flare. Is it just me or when you hear “flare” in certain contexts do you instantly think of Office Space and the pieces of flare Jennifer Aniston is required to wear while working at ChiChi’s? Ok, I digress, back to the bag. You know what I like even more about the bag? It can double as a clutch. There are handles and a detachable shoulder strap and by folding the handbag you have a clutch! Two functional bags for the price of one? Not too shabby. I guess the only thing I am wondering is if the bag is too small for all my day-to-day stuff. I guess I’ll just have to think about it a bit. Buy through ShopBop for $478.