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Foley Corinna Jet Set Tote
Foley & Corinna Jet Set Tote

I am sitting in the airport in Philadelphia and the long travel day just hit me. Flight number one flew by, all 8.5 hours of it, but now I am all achy and tired. And it surely does not help that I have a 3 hour layover along with another 3 hour flight. I am young, and in good shape, but sitting in an airplane seat takes a huge toll on my body. Today my mom and I sat in row 7, with two seats together. Problem was under the seat in front of me was the black box and other parts of it were in front of my mom’s seat. I have no complaints about having the black box, but having it in front of me proves to be a problem. I was graced with height, as was my mom, so with both of us over 5’9, the lack of being able to stretch out was painful. And now, my knees and lower back are killing me, like really badly. I need to continue to think of a better way to contort my body on these long flights (and no, Envoy is not always an option). I may not figure that out, but there is something I realized so many women need to figure out, the perfect travel companion, their handbag. I saw so many women floundering through their bag to get the right paper work, passport, phone out when they needed it. I discussed before the art of traveling, and I will continue to discuss this as traveling and accessibility affect all of us daily, whether it is by jet, car, or foot. Coyly dubbed the Jet Set Tote, this Foley & Corinna handbag features a large size and pocket space which are always a major plus when on the move. The dimensions are 15″W X 15″H X 5″D, which makes it sizable enough to fit many laptops (not Vlad nor mine of course, as Vlad and I always want the bigger screen). The inside has two 8″ patch pockets, one for cell phone and another for travel documents. The outside also has a 10″ zip pocket, which comes in handy when you have to keep flipping out your passport, boarding pass, etc. One thing I am not sure of is the shoulder strap drop. The double top handles have a 7″ drop, which can fit nicely under your arm, but it also means you will need to slide the bag down to get inside of it, which is a bit of a bummer. But there is another perk; when watching out for those whose hands easily find themselves into other people’s bags, there are two turnlocks at the top near the sides which will tighten the bag up. Overall this is a good bag and the price remains very reasonable. Buy through Saks for $528.

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous moms out there!!!

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