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Fendi Violet Sequined Spy Tote Remember back when Fendi Spy Bags were all the rage? Oh, the days of the “it” bag; anyways, enough reminiscing. Don’t fear, the Spy bag is still here! And though it’s still available in various styles, it’s this Fendi Violet Sequined Satin Small Spy Tote that jumps out at me. Why? First of all, it is gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of tiny sequined bags (or feathered bags like the Michael Teperson Feathered Flute Bag, if that tickles your fancy) that would be ideal for an elegant evening at an opera. But this Spy takes that concept and applies it to a larger, more rounded shape, which is what makes it so unique. You might be thinking, “But where would I wear such a bag? Certainly not at the opera!” To this I argue that this bag fits in a very small and specific niche of larger evening bags. Who hasn’t been frustrated that they could not fit everything into their minuscule clutches? That’s where this bag comes in- big enough for all your little necessities, but intricate and fancy enough for (sure, why not) the opera. And that’s why I love it. Buy through Bluefly for $2,020.

Black Fendi Spy Bag The Fendi Spy Bag has been a longtime favorite here at Purse Blog. And by here at Purse Blog I mean with me. It was my first high-end designer handbag after starting Purse Blog and it was a major splurge. I cringed at the price tag, as I went from below the $1000/bag spending to over $2,000. I have a Honey Spy which I absolutely adore. The color is just right, the leather is smooshy, and the design I love. I am drawn to the Fendi Spy design as it is so entirely different from many other handbags. It is not a classic hobo, or tote, or satchel. It is truly its own shape. The handles are stunning, the hidden compartments are genius, I just love this bag! The Spy was huge a few years ago, it was one of the “it” bags. But is everyone over it now?

The Spy is one of the few Fendi handbags that truly had people going ga-ga. Wait lists piled up with people willing to shell out over $2,000 for a handbag. And a few years ago, not all handbags broke into the $2,000 range like they do today. Everyone HAD TO have their Spy bag, and Fendi caught on and released countless renditions of the Spy (mink, denim, beaded, jeweled, you name it!). But is the Spy fame over? After I saw this Black Fendi Spy Bag on Saks I thought how lonely it looked there. No “Sold Out” written underneath it. Just a hidden Spy bag looking rather lonely on the Saks website. Buy through Saks for $2,250.

What do you think about the Spy Bag: Love it or Leave it?

Fendi Denim Spy Bag

The Fendi Spy bag was once one of the biggest “it” bags of it bag history. Remember the days of it bagdom? I do. Those days have come and gone, for the most part, and now handbags are sought after that have stay power rather than float our boat for 2 weeks. I still own and sometimes use my Honey Fendi Spy Bag. It is a stunning color and I adore it. But the Spy bag had such a huge high that now many think it has hit a low. I am not quite part of the many, but I do enjoy seeing some of the Spy Bag atrocities that Fendi designs season after season (come on, give it up!!).

But a very simple change can work out well, as seen on the Fendi Denim Spy Bag. This bag is certain simplicity, with the change being the material re-configured in denim and accented with leather. I know what you all will say, the price is ridiculous for a denim bag. But this is Fendi. What else do you expect? There is the famous hidden coin purse, double top handles, and the foldover flap closure with wristlet accent. Worth the price or over-hyped? Buy through Saks for $1550.

I figured we could continue the battle of the similar designs from Friday. Why not right? The Fendi Spy Bag became a huge hit, in fact was one of the bags that catapulted the “it” bag obsession, back in 2005. You were only handbag-cool if you had a Fendi Spy Bag. The bag itself is a bit different; a large slouchy oval body, funky handles, a cool hidden compartment, a fun pocket, and a large open body. After it became the next best thing since sliced bread, Fendi went on to reinvent the Spy in a plethora of variations, materials, skins, and looks. Some were awful, some were beautiful, and the Spy is still a recognizable bag.

Then came Miu Miu, known for chic bags that resemble its older sister Prada but have a more stomachache price tag. We have been mad for Miu Miu handbags for quite some time now, loving the chic and fun styles and lines. So Miu Miu decided to take a note from the Bottega Veneta and Fendi book, pairing woven leather on a Spy like shaped bag.

The Miu Miu Woven Leather Tote is actually a favorite of mine for many reasons. The rich berry tones are perfect for fall and the woven leather shows off this soft saturated leather beautifully. The slouchy hobo body resembles the body of the Fendi Spy but does not have the fold over flap top with the cool pouch pocket and hidden lip gloss compartment. Either way, I am loving this bag. And I love the Fendi Spy Bag as its design at one time was new and the bag transforms outfits into chic ensembles pulled together by the handbag.

So what do you think of the Fendi Spy vs the Miu Miu Woven Leather Tote?

Buy the Fendi Spy through Net A Porter for $2,250 and the Miu Miu Woven Leather Tote through Net A Porter for $1,595.

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