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If the brands that I normally make fun of continue to turn out impressive bag collections, what am I going to crack jokes about? With the second lovely presentation by Fendi in as many seasons, it looks like before I know it, the only time I’m going to get to be nasty and snarky is when Versace puts forth a new abomination against handbag design. That’s bad for me as a writer (bad reviews write themselves), but it’s a net gain for handbag lovers everywhere.

Although we saw a logo bag or two in the Fendi Fall/Winter 2010 collection, the vast majority of the collection was comprised of clean, classic shapes, rendered in a subdued, retro palette of browns and orangey-yellows. The styling reminded me of Hitchcock classic Marnie, all mid-60s subdued tailoring and midcentury color combinations. The results were subdued and pretty, with impressive details that weren’t to be missed. My favorite among them was that the brand had embossed the models’ initials on the hang tags of several of the brown leather bags – I wonder if that’s a service that Fendi will provide to customers when these bags are sold at retail. (more…)

Megs wrote about this bag a bit ago, but I couldn’t help but cover it as well. So, earlier today I wrote about the Yves Saint Laurent Yes Large Leather Tote. While writing about this tote, I expressed my concern for its price. Well, the same concern has popped up with this Fendi bag.

Ok, first and foremost, I like seeing a Fendi bag that hasn’t been covered with its logo. I’m over logos. So realizing the bag up for discussion is a Fenid AND you can’t really tell unless you look around the handles makes the bag discussion worthy – at least in my book. This is hands down a really cute shopper but my jaw dropped when I saw the price tag attached. How much would you think this bag was going to cost you? (more…)

For a while I was vehemently opposed to tiny bags with long straps. Let me clarify, I am opposed to them for me. Being 5’10 and not a waif, the thought of an extremely small bag dangling at my side seemed absurd (similar to how many petite women find oversized bags silly on their bodies). So riddle me this, today I am digging an entirely small bodied bag WITH logos and a rainbow tassel. Who am I and what have I done with my other self? (more…)

Not only does a new year bring a fresh start, but it reveals an interest in fresher brighter hues as we inch our way towards spring. The recent trend of colorful rainbow hue handbags feels just right, like a breath of fresh air as we say au revoir to 2009. These candy colored bags are decadent treat, satisfying the handbag lover’s craving for wit and whimsy. They also have an ulterior motive, as they will coordinate with a myriad of outfits. With at least three colors shown on each bag, there are many opportunities to mix and match with most of the items in your closet. Multi colored bags also pair perfectly with black or white for an instant dash of springtime freshness. (more…)

OK Go at Design Miami

Two nights ago, on December 1st, we had the privilege to be invited by our friends at Fendi to the opening of this year’s Design Miami Vernissage in the Miami Design District.

Design Miami/ Opening

For the second consecutive year, Fendi co-sponsors the events which feature an array of Limited Edition unique retail environments, art installations and the world’s most influential design show “” Design Miami/. (more…)

Carmina Campus Recycled Keyboard Tote

Can someone, ANYONE, explain to me why this pastel-potholder-looking abomination against fashion costs 1100 freaking dollars? (more…)

Winter has not yet arrived and resort bags are hitting the market. One major way to know we are looking at a resort bag is when it is made out of straw. Straw is quintessentially resort/spring material and I have yet to own a straw bag or find a straw bag worth purchasing. The case remains true with the Fendi Twins Straw Tote. The design stems from the popular Fendi Vintage Leather Twins Tote, but takes a fresh look with the straw body. Let’s get into the details. (more…)

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Fendi Sequin and Calf Hair Shoulder Bag
I’ve been more than a little critical of Fendi for quite a while now, but between their Spring 2010 runway show earlier this week and the Fendi Calfhair and Sequin Shoulder Bag that we see here, I’ve got to give credit where credit is due: they’re finally doing some fantastically interesting things with their handbag line. (more…)

Miu Miu, Fendi and Lanvin

Net A Porter brings us some of their favorite handbags of the season. This group of three is a fashionable trio showing Miu Miu, Fendi and Lanvin. Our personal favorite is the Lanvin bag, with perfect gold stamped-python metallic leather.

Miu Miu Vitello Vintage Leather Clutch | $750

Lanvin Happy Sac Partage Leather Bag | $1,965

Fendi Fly Leather Shoulder Bag | $1,460

Fendi 8The Fendi Spring 2010 Handbags Collection is the very definition of a “mixed bag.” Har har, bag pun. I know, it was bad. I’ll stop.

Anyway, yes, the bags! Some were amazing – the new soft leather Peekaboos with wood or clear plastic handles were among my favorites, and the addition of exposed stitching, combined with the different handle textures, gives the shape a sense of style that it was missing in its more staid initial iterations. The bags look touchable and a bit vintage, just like the rest of Karl Lagerfeld’s breezy, Parisian collection for the brand.

Other standouts were the Perspex beveled clutches, some completely clear, others with slight tints or exterior studding. The bags were, of course, shown with nothing inside of them, and putting anything in them would be kind of a shame, but how else are you supposed to carry them? They were beautiful and a tad whimsical as art objects, and if the stuff you carry inside your clutches is very beautiful, they might be a workable choice.

And on the other hand, some things just didn’t work at all. We saw leather totes in a variety of colors with an odd, pansy-embroidered snap-on linen cover that was not only puzzling but also not particularly attractive, and Fendi would have done well to omit those completely and add more of the delicious Peekaboo styles, along with a few of the other wood-framed clutches and bags, to the collection instead. They were almost distractingly bad, but ultimately the preponderance of beautiful bags won out. (more…)

Yesterday when we were talking about the skunk fur monstrosity that Fendi has chosen to perpetrate on the fashion world at large, several commenters mentioned that the bag itself might be cute, if it weren’t for the formerly stinky dead animal hanging precipitously from it. I applaud those commenters for trying to look beyond the obvious awfulness.

And as luck would have it, Fendi saw fit to make a non-skunkified version for our significantly increased viewing pleasure, and as it turns out, the Fendi Peekaboo Roll Bag is not nearly as terrible as its hairy predecessor. (more…)

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