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You know how they say time flies when you’re having fun? I am certain that this is both cliche and true, as I have no idea how it is nearly the middle of February. For the fashion world, this means Fashion Week (aka month) is here, and for the rest of the world it means Valentine’s day is upon us. As much as I love getting gifts, I look forward to putting together a Valentine’s outfit more than anything.

I’ve been obsessing over the Lulu Guiness Lips Clutch for years and I am not the only one. My mom went gaga for this clutch and Vlad and I bought it for her for Christmas this year. This novelty item is cutesy without being over-the-top. It would make for a great Valentine’s day gift but also for the perfect clutch to carry to your romantic Valentine’s day dinner. But if you love this look and want a look for less, we found the perfect option. (more…)

Remember all that crowing I’ve done over the past few months about how it doesn’t feel like fall in Atlanta and how I wish the chilly weather would just hurry up and get here already?!? I TAKE IT BACK, Y’ALL. I TAKE IT ALL BACK. That stuff people say about the grass always being greener on the other side? It’s true. Particularly when the side you’re on is 50 degrees and wet.

Someone flipped the weather switch straight from September to February for those of us down here, and in the span of 48 hours, we went from 80 degrees and sunny to just below 50 (That was the HIGH TEMPERATURE. Sob.) and soggy. As a way to punish me for all the complaining I’ve done about the nice weather over the past few weeks, the universe has sent the Felix Rey Birds of a Feather Basket Tote to taunt me from ShopBop’s New Arrivals page, just to rub it in. (more…)

I know some people will be miffed about the rather obvious source of Felix Rey’s inspiration for the Felix Rey Isabell Shoulder Bag, but I’m not mad at it. I’ll take a witty, less expensive riff on Chanel any day of the week, and that’s exactly what we have here. Even better that it’s from a line which makes quality bags out of good materials.

There’s nothing groundbreaking about this bag, but it would probably be a fun addition to a lot of wardrobes nonetheless. Particularly if you don’t have $3000 to spend on the inspiration, this is a good way to get the look at a fraction of the price, without buying a fake or nearly direct copy of the original. This bag still has its own style and a healthy dose of irreverence, which makes it a-ok in my book. (more…)

I have an affinity for sort of strange types of things that mesh different styles and textures, like nubby hiking socks pulled up and paired with sleek black ankle boots and two-toned tights. The other important fact is that I’m forever on the search for the elusive casual clutch. This Felix Rey Jungle Love Basket Clutch manages to fit that decidedly small and hard to fit bill.

It’s difficult to make a leopard print look organic and green and slightly bohemian, but Felix Reysomehow does it, dashing my boycott of the print in one fell swoop. The texture of the woven straw makes the leopard look softer and more print-like rather than glaringly projecting an image of leopard-sexy-animal. This is good, my friends. Aren’t you excited to have debunked this stereotype? (more…)

Can you guys give us some privacy, please? Felix Rey and I are having a moment. I almost always love the sparkly, witty, slightly off-kilter (in a good way) bags that the brand puts out, put I am particularly enamored with the Felix Rey Sequin Bow Clutch.

There’s something about the combination of sequins and fuchsia that just makes say YES, PLEASE. Maybe it’s my latent David Bowie-fandom, or maybe it’s the drag queen inside of me that’s raring to get out. Or maybe, just possibly, it’s the fact that the brand’s designers managed to take loud material and make it not only socially acceptable, but also pretty. (more…)

It has been approximately six years since I’ve left the house without the accompaniment of one kind of key pouch or another. I started using one during my freshman year of college because easy access to my student ID was essential to enter my dorm, and it proved so useful that I never quit.

It’s so convenient to have my driver’s license, debit card and insurance cards attached to my keys, just in case I need to run out the door with minimal baggage. The only problem I’ve had so far is that leather key holders tend to get dirty quickly, but the Felix Rey Leopard Mesh Key Pouch solves that problem nicely by being covered in metal mesh. (more…)

Felix Rey Greta Bow Clutch

Can you tell that my thoughts have already turned to the holidays? It’s not that it’s feeling particularly wintery here yet (thanks for the monsoon winds and rain yesterday, Hurricane Ida), but at night, even in the Deep South, there’s still that bit of crispness to the air, isn’t there? Even in early November, in a part of the country that never gets all that cold anyway.

And with the holiday season comes the necessity for sparkly, festive outfits and bags that are equally so. But do you go with silver or gold? What if you need a bag to wear with several different outfits that feature different metallics? The Felix Rey Greta Bow Clutch has you covered. (more…)

Now this is a handbag whose designers thought out of the box a bit. I absolutely love the play on a tuxedo shirt that is adorned on this bag. I’ve been paying a bit more attention to Felix Rey bags lately and I am glad that I am. I was thrilled when Amanda first covered the Felix Rey Manon Clutch and I’ve been taking note ever since. Almost every bag I’ve come across since has been unique and whimsical. Just as I’ve become accustomed to, the Felix Rey Tuxedo Tote is a girly, whimsical tote that would be a perfect way to feminize any outfit. (more…)

Whenever I pack for a trip, I’m always scrambling at the end to try and figure out how I should be traveling with my jewelry. I don’t have much in the way of expensive baubles, but I generally try to take good care of even the cheap stuff, and I’ve never found much of a good way to pack it. One time, at the last minute, I just decided to throw it all on and wear it there – and then I got to the airport and remembered why that wasn’t a genius idea.

Admittedly, there are probably lower-priced alternatives than the Felix Rey Emma Jewelry Pouch, but at the moment, it looks like an attractive and useful solution to a problem that I have constantly. (more…)

Felix Rey Grace Sequin Bow Clutch

The word for the Felix Rey Grace Sequin Bow Clutch isn’t “like.” It’s “love.” (more…)

Felix Rey Camilla Waist BagIf you could see me right now, you would find me doing a double take… a literal double take. Everything about me wants to say, “NO”, about this bag, but there is a much smaller yet stronger part of me that wants to scream, “YES”! I’ve parted ways with the fanny pack years ago, and while this bag can be worn around the waist, it is in no way a fanny pack.

The Felix Rey Camilla Waist Bag is a prefect mini handbag meets mini belt that actually work divinely together. And in case you are ready to write this bag off all together, just know that the pebbled leather bag can also double as a shoulder bag. The rosette detail offers up a feminine side that will go with any girlie outfit just as it will soften any rocker-chic vibe you are trying to give off. I love the buckle closure at the adjustable belt fixture; it is just so unique! This is the kind of bag that really holds the bare essentials perfectly. Again, I really like it! Buy through Shopbop for $290.

One of the earliest handbag memories I have as a kid was finding a little gold clutch in the back of my mom’s closet. It was made of the same type of metal mesh as the Felix Rey Love Clutch, and I remember thinking that it was so incredibly cool. It was bright gold and seemed sort of 70s disco-glam, even to a kid that wasn’t really aware of those kinds of references at that point. But the best part was how it felt to the touch – kind of slippery and weird, like nothing I had ever felt before. For something that moved around so much, I was amazed that it didn’t fall off.

Felix Rey Love Clutch

Well obviously I understand the material better now, but I still absolutely love it. It’s glam in such an obvious, fun way that I can’t help but smile every time I see a clutch made of this material, and even more so with this clutch. Sure, it’s a little kitschy and looks like a novelty bag, but it’s got a heart on the front and a big smiley face on the front, and it’s just irreverent enough to be a hipster favorite. I kind of love it, despite myself. Buyt through ShopBop for $120.

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