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Something that really irritates me is when I look at a bag, know that something about the bag was done PURPOSEFULLY to throw me off, I know what it is, and I still don’t really like it. It’s like someone tells a joke, and you know it’s funny, but it’s based on a reference that you’re not cool enough to understand. I feel sort of pedestrian – the designer was thinking and trying to do something unexpected and different, and upon seeing it, I just want what I already understand. That’s how I feeling about the Felix Rey Mesi Clutch with Ikat Trim.

Felix Rey Mesi Clutch with Ikat Trim

Felix Rey does a lot of interesting visual things with their designs, and I know that they used gold instead of silver mesh on this clutch on purpose. Silver would have been the obvious choice with a black-and-white animal print trim. It would have coordinated easily with a multitude of going-out ensembles and been an easy addition to a wardrobe. But the gold? The gold is meant to be more challenging to the viewer’s eye. It clashes a little bit with the black and white, but not enough to be bad, since they’re all neutrals. It’s supposed to create visual interest and be a little edgy. All I can think when I look at it, though, is that I wish it came in silver. Buy through ShopBop for $190.