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Felix Rey Antigua Straw ToteHey you guys, come look at this – I may have found the prettiest straw bag I could ever hope to find. You see, “pretty” isn’t really a term that’s often used to describe straw bags – they’re mostly functional and fun purses that serve their purpose for a few months and are replaced the next time warm weather rolls around. I’d want to be very careful with the Felix Rey Antigua Straw Tote, though, since it’s far from your average beach bag. The first thing that struck me was the color – who ever sees one in such a sophisticated shade of grey? Usually if straw bags have any color, it’s some sort of orange or pink that clearly indicates that it is not a bag to be taken seriously. This bag, though, is different. It has contrasting straw trim with wooden beadwork on the front, and the side gussets are covered in rouched grey silk. The handles are leather, which is great – anyone who’s ever had a bag with straw handles knows how quickly those tend to look worn and dirty. The overall impression that this bag gives off is sophisticated and grown-up; it’s a summer bag for a woman that knows her personal style and knows how to implement it in her everyday life. Not only that, but it’s priced right for the material – $150 is very reasonable for how beautiful it is. Buy through ShopBop for $150.