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Excuse me for a moment, but I think I’m having a serious case of déjà vu. I’ve seen the Vieta Edita Faux Leather Hobo somewhere before. I feel like the information is lodged in the back of my brain somewhere and I can’t quite reach it…

Oh yeah. That’s right. I saw it when it was released by the people that actually designed it. Back then, it was called the Valentino Premier Bow Hobo and it was vastly more attractive. Also, it was made of real leather. And, well, it was approximately 21.5 times more expensive. But that’s not the point! (more…)

Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and thought, “I know exactly what this needs. MORE DISCO!” Me neither. But, perhaps, there’s someone out there that has, or maybe you just like shiny things. Hey, I certainly do. There’s no shame in that!

So whether you want to add more disco to your life or just a bit of sparkle, the Deux Lux Fortune Hobo might be just your cup of tea. Be careful, however, because it’s “vegan leather,” which is a fancy way to say fake. If you’re anti-leather, then Deux Lux is right up your alley; if you’d rather have the real stuff, you might want to look elsewhere. I can think about that for too long, however, because I’m distracted by the shiny parts. And oh, how shiny they are. (more…)

I’ve always liked Zambos & Siega bags. But that’s it- I just liked them, nothing more or less. But that all changed once I took a peek at this Zambos & Siega Kimberly Clutch. You see, I’m not a big clutch girl. I own no bags of this style, and for nighttime I often reach for tiny crossbody bags.

But recently I’ve been overcome by a desire to own a clutch which has led me to online window-shop into late hours of the night in search of the one clutch that would serve me well. So it was lucky for me that Shopbop posted this clutch, this small package or rectangular goodness. I’d prefer the leather not be faux, but the wrinkled look works so well that I almost fooled myself into thinking it could be an exotic while looking at the minuscule preview photo. (more…)

First and foremost, I want to say that I totally respect the reasoning behind why Stella McCartney does not use leather in her bags. It’s hard to find people that walk the walk as much as they talk the talk, particularly when it could have a significant impact on their business, and she does. Of course, when your dad is a Beatle, I’m not sure that you’re as concerned about things that might affect your bottom line as much as the average person might be.

That being said, I wish she didn’t stick to doggedly to her principles, because I would absolutely love the Stella McCartney Chain-Detail Tote if it was real leather. (more…)

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