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Whether you’re a Coachella die-hard or a casual concertgoer, one thing we can all agree on is that there’s nothing worse than having to fuss around with your bag when all you want to do …

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Bottega Veneta, and in fact, Vlad is as well. From bags, to clothing, to shoes, to accessories, it might be the brand Vlad and I …

Can we just not do this? Please? Pretty please? I would really love it if we cold all ignore any brand that tries to convince us that fanny packs are a good idea. We spent all of the 80s learning how ugly they are, and it would be a shame to throw away all of that knowledge when we’ll surely just come to the same conclusion again.

I find the Zambos + Siega Parker Pouch offensive on many fronts. First, it’s a fanny pack, which means it’s supposed to be worn at the widest point on a woman’s body, adding bulk and awkwardness to nearly any outfit. Second, it’s a very small PVC bag that costs $100, and that’s irritating in basically any context. That it’s a $100 fanny pack makes it even worse. (more…)

Yes, that is right, this is a fanny pack. Didn’t we vow to never wear fanny packs again? I mean, I am pretty sure that I promised myself and made friends and family members also promise to never wear another fanny pack. But, are there exceptions to this rule?

My gut says no, but my inquisitive side wants to delve a little deeper. By no means do I go out searching for fanny packs, but when I came across this one today at Shopbop, I obviously had to share this with you all. (more…)

Alexander Wang Max Fanny PackSo I thought that fanny packs were taboo to the fashion crowd, fit for only tacky tourists and cross-country RV trekkers. But Alexander Wang, is as usual, blazing his own trail rather than staying on the beaten path. But who ever thought he’d go so off that track as to create the Alexander Wang Max Fanny Pack? And it has been seemingly well received- I mean, it is a Shopbop Editor’s Pick.

Last time I checked, editors were good sources for upcoming trends, but I don’t want to carry a fanny pack, nor do I really have any desire to see the packs turn fashionistas into fashion victims. Those were my thoughts before I saw the bag on a model. The model carries the pack slung over her shoulder, so it looks like a normal hobo bag, albeit one with an interesting squared shape.

But in true Wang style, this bag is made of gorgeous pebbled leather with lots or roughly shiny bronze hardware. But I’m still not sure if I’m willing to carry a fanny pack, even for Alexander Wang. If you do, please you yourself a favor and don’t clip it around your waist. Buy through Shopbop for $790.

lesportsac-frieda-waist-bagNo. No, no, no. I cannot support the return of the designer fanny pack. I thought we were over that after Sarah Jessica Parker wore a Gucci “waist pouch” on “Sex and the City” about a million years ago. Apparently not, though, becase LeSportsac has decided that we need to revisit this nontrend with the LeSportsac Frieda Waist Bag. Although this is definitely less expensive than the Gucci fanny pack, I still have the same problems with it. Why in the world would a woman of ANY size willingly strap extra bulk to what is already the widest part of many of their bodies? That’s not flattering on anyone, and it screws up the line of how perfectly good clothes hang and makes them all bunchy around the midsection. Plus it jiggles when you walk and you’ll probably have to adjust your pants all the time while wearing it. So don’t. Do yourself a favor and don’t even think about it. Let this one go by. Buy through Shop Bop for $62.