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As I learned first-hand last week, Fashion Week isn’t just runway shows. Like any huge trade show (and at it’s core, that’s what it is), Fashion Week brings with it a whole slew of special events, openings and parties that are designed to cater to those who are attending or interested in the shows. Which is why we have these pictures from the Milan, where Louis Vuitton has staged an exhibit of outfits mixed and matched from Marc Jacobs’ tenure at the brand at the city’s newly reopened Via Montenapoleone 2 flagship store.

The Louis Vuitton: The Art of Fashion exhibit, styled by Katie Grand, is intended to highlight the craftsmanship and modern relevance of the company’s clothes and accessories, but my eyes can’t help but go to the mannequins’ heads (or lack thereof). Grand told Women’s Wear Daily that the Speedy shape was used for the standing mannequins to purposefully comment on the place of the handbag in Louis Vuitton’s history; the accessories are quite literally the brains behind the Louis Vuitton operation. More pictures of the exhibit, after the jump. (more…)

Tapping into a recent boom in tourism among affluent Chinese, Louis Vuitton has opened an epic new exhibit cataloging the art of travel at the National Museum of China in Beijing. The presentation, which opened this week, covers the brand’s iconic travel pieces and handbags as well as a historical view of travel from an artistic perspective.

Much has been made over the burgeoning luxury market in China, and this event, which runs through August 30th, is surely a bid to ingratiate Louis Vuitton to a country that has been driving a huge proportion of the industry’s growth. Say what you want about the tactic or its place in the art world, but one thing is for sure: LVMH knows how to create a spectacle. For those of us who won’t be making the trip to see the the display in person, we’ve got some great photos of the handbags and travel pieces featured as part of the exhibit, after the jump. (more…)

Economic conditions have been tough for a lot of luxury companies lately, but the brands that are weathering the recession the best seem to be the ones with the healthiest sense of history. Companies like Louis Vuitton and Gucci have both launched recent initiatives to link their storied pasts to their modern presents in the minds of customers, and it looks as though Chanel is dipping its perfectly manicured toes into similar waters.

Starting on May 8th, Chanel’s New York flagship on 57th Street will host The Secrets of the Chanel Handbag, an exhibit demonstrating the construction and history of the company’s iconic purses. Displays explaining how the bags are built and how they’ve evolved over the past half a century will be there, as well as a number of bags from the brand’s Paris archives. This may be your only opportunity to see some of these pieces in person, so if you’re in New York City, consider dropping by and having a look (and if you get pictures of anything, send them our way). The exhibit will run through May 16.

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