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Erva Rouched Leather Sac A good evening bag is hard to find, and a good leather evening bag is even harder. Leather is often an inherently casual fabric – it’s plush, matte appearance can sometimes be not quite glam enough for certain events, even when paired with ritzy hardware and in scaled-down proportions. That presents a problem for people like me – I feel like a dolt paying big bucks for non-leather bags, but I still want a beautiful, well-made, luxury evening bag. Well, the Erva Rouched Leather Sac seems like a perfect solution to my problem. Its soft, supple leather is in a great shade of purple to set off a black outfit, and the skin is draped in such a way that it retains the soft elegance of a silk or satin clutch. It’s rare to see a material that can be so tough and edgy look so delicate and feminine, and the folks at Erva have made it look very easy. The kisslock closure is the perfect touch – dainty and detailed, you’ll want to look at it closer in person and it’s not at all overpowering to the inherent femininity of the bag which it graces. I want one in every color imaginable. Buy through Barney’s for $650.