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Believe it or not, Vlad and I rarely (if ever) go to the beach. We made a move from Columbus, Ohio, which is far from the beach, to living less than 2 miles from the beach. But we never go. Now if Vlad reads this, he is going to go bananas. This is a sore subject. He says he wants to go to the beach so badly, but that only comes up when it is raining, we are working, or it is like 150 degrees outside. I continue to try to explain that people who live right by the beach don’t usually go that often. It is some kind of phenomenon. I rather go to a resort with a pool that looks at the beach, but not go on the sand etc. But I still need a new beach bag, and despite the fact that autumn handbags are out, people in Florida can use a beach bag practically anytime of the year.

Now for a beach bag, I will go a little crazy with the pattern, get something a little nuts. I have never been a huge Emilio Pucci fan when it comes to handbags, but for a beach bag, the designs are perfect. The Emilio Pucci Large Print Weekend Tote will fit a towel and all other beach/pool necessities, while adding the perfect eye-popping color and design. I take everything with me to the beach; phone, iPod, waters, food, snacks, sunglasses, contact solution, change of clothes. You name it, I pack it. I grew up around the beach, I know what may be needed when going to the beach (though my list may change since I rarely appear on the sand anymore). But this bag I love. It would look amazing with my new Maya Bikini. The handles are designed with patent leather, which is fairly durable when it comes to wear. The top has a zip closure, which is a must for a beach or pool bag, and an inside zip pocket. Dimensions are 23″W X 15½”H X 8″D. Now we come to the price issue. This is definitely expensive if you are just to use it for the beach or pool, but if you live right near the beach, it may be much more justifiable. Buy through Saks for $840.


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