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I’m in the mood for color. As I glanced at the site today I noticed a lot of black, or dark colored handbags. I figured, no matter what season, we can all use a break from the expected and take a look at something you might not think you’d be looking at during this time of year. Over the summer, a group of friends and I headed to the shore and rented a beach house for the week. It was fabulous. The only missing was an amazing beach tote like this Emilio Pucci Cancello Nylon Bag. Yes, I am thinking about a beach weekend while I live in Ft. Lauderdale and while the month of December just began. Is that so wrong? This bag would be a perfect beach bag. It has ample room for my numerous magazines, bottles of water and of course various SPF options. Emilio Pucci is known for patterns and colors that pop. So, if you think this bag is a tad too big with a tad too much color, you can always check out the Mombasa Small Tote Megs wrote about a while back. But either way, I think an Emilio Pucci handbag, no matter what size is a fun addition to anyone’s collection. Buy through eLuxury for $675.