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As much as I’m loving spring’s brights, black is always the color of clothing that will have my heart above and beyond any other. With that in mind, it’s not difficult to see why Elie Tahari Fall 2011 roped me in quickly. The first half dozen looks out were assembled studies in the beauty of black and its many textures and transparencies, and when the monochromatic looks gave way to ensembles of white, brown and eventually red, I still found plenty to enjoy.

In keeping with New York’s seasonal trends, red was the only strong color to be found among neutrals, but with clothes this luxurious, it seems unfair to call the colors neutral. Tahari does a great job of toeing the line of high-end wearability, and although I disagree with the inclusion of gauchos in the collection, I’d be excited to wear nearly anything else that graced the runway. Particularly anything black. (more…)

We’ve talked a lot about party bags lately, but the best bet for a party bag is always to find one that you can use for a variety of festivities, not just New Year’s Eve and the odd cocktail party that you may or may not attend a couple times per year. In those instances, it’s better to go with metallic leather than for something silk or covered in beading or crystals because not only will the clutch be more useful for a wider variety of events, but it will also be more durable.

Enter the Elie Tahari Avery Shoulder Bag. I’ve been a big cheerleader for Tahari’s accessory line since its inception, and this cute little bag is yet another piece that makes me glad that the company started making bags. (more…)

Many of you already know how I feel about Elie Tahari’s handbag line: it’s probably my favorite addition to the contemporary marketplace in the recent past, mostly because Tahari has proven itself rather skilled at taking a basic, functional shape and making it special with texture and details. Not only are the bags beautiful, but they’re usable, which is just as important.

The Elie Tahari Leslie Shoulder Bag is just another example of the brand’s success. A reader wrote to us on Twitter and asked our thoughts on this bag in particular, but I had already queued it up for a review because of the beautifully soft pleats and classic shape. (more…)

I have a theory: Elie Tahari’s bags are the bags that a Valentino lover’s younger sister would buy. They two brands are textured and rich in the same way, but the finishes are a little edgier and the prices are a lot lower with Tahari’s bags. For someone like me, that makes them nearly perfect.

The Elie Tahari Amaya Drawstring Tote is a perfect illustration of my hypothesis. Heavily ruffled bags in simple shapes are a Valentino staple, and yet I wouldn’t mistake this bag for one of theirs. This one has an edge and a little bit of grit that makes it different, and depending on who you are, that might even make it better. (more…)

I love the leopard trend, but it does have one negative side effect: it tends to make bags either really expensive or really…nylon. Printing on leather can be awkward, and most designers choose to either go furry or avoid natural and natural-seeming materials entirely. Calf hair can shoot the price of a bag up by hundreds of dollars (although I’m still not entirely clear on why), so if you’re on a budget, you’re often left to deal with a dowdy synthetic.

Until now – the Elie Tahari Selena Tote manages to give you leopard-printed calf hair without a significant price increase over the leather version of the same bag. It’s about time, eh? (more…)

Now that Prada is bringing back its ruched leather Gaufré bags for fall, I’m sure that plenty of women will be looking for a way to get the look without paying nearly two grand for a bag like the Prada Napa Gaufré Tote.

Luckily, fashion has conspired to provide us with an exceedingly attractive, relatively inexpensive alternative. The Elie Tahari Beverly Tote is made of attention-grabbing soft braid-effect leather, and it’ll set you back over a thousand dollars less than its Prada counterpart. (more…)

Of all the brand to spawn new bag lines in the past couple of years, Elie Tahari may be my favorite. I’ve had the chance to see a number of the label’s purses in person, and not a single one has failed to impress me. The leather quality is high, the details are precise and the overall effect is almost always chic and expensive-looking.

The Elie Tahari Amber Clutch is only the latest in a long line of Tahari bags that have caught my eye, mostly because it’s managed to do something particularly difficult: look bohemian and high-end simultaneously. (more…)

Why does Elie Tahari keep doing this to me? Do they know how hard it is to continually look at their bags, get all excited that they’re gorgeous, and then have to convince myself not to buy all of them so that I can pay rent and buy food? Do you think that the Elie Tahari Mira Tote is big enough for me to live in?

If I thought I could get plumbing installed, I would break my lease right now and move straight in to this beautiful bag. It’s incredibly soft, beautifully textured and big enough for even the most harried businesswoman but still casual enough to be carried on weekends. Elie Tahari, why can’t I quit you? (more…)

To my knowledge, I have only once previously written about a bag made of cork, and I sort of brushed off the material as gimmicky and without longevity. Well, having now seen a cork bag in person, I think I’ve got to take back my original opinion on the material. I’m ok with being wrong, as long as that means that somewhere out there, a bag is surprisingly fabulous.

The cork bag that I had the pleasuring of playing with in real life was the Elie Tahari Cynthia Handbag, and I couldn’t have been more surprised and delighted. Not only did the cork have a soft, velvety texture to it, but the bag was light as a feather. (more…)

Any regular PurseBlog reader knows how much I love Valentino, but since the brand’s leather bags start around $2000, it’s impossible for me to amass the collection of that I really want (which is all of them). We’ve all got budgets that we have to work within, and Valentino handbags are sadly not my first financial priority (unless I could eventually buy enough of them to somehow build a fort and live in it or something).

That means that I love a look-for-less scenario, as long as the design isn’t straight a Valentino ripoff and the materials and construction are still top-notch. That’s exactly what the Elie Tahari Melrose Bow-Trimmed Leather Tote has going for it – a soft, ruffled aesthetic with fantastically touchable leather. Valentino, Shmalentino. (more…)

Elie Tahari isn’t a designer that we normally think of for bags, but I’m always open to seeing something genuinely interesting from a relatively new entrant in the marketplace, and the Elie Tahari Leather Slit Tote is exactly that. Earlier this morning, I talked about how important texture is in good design over at PurseBlog, and this bag is a perfect example of how a good designer uses it to take a bag from average to exceptional.

Big leather totes: we’ve all seen them. Most of us have one. Every designer has made one. So how do you continue to convince people to buy new ones? You make them utterly unique and fabulous, just like this one, while still maintaining the bag’s essential functionality. (more…)

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