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Yesterday we posted a What’s in her Bag feature with one of my personal favorite singers, Colbie Caillat. Before Vlad and I met the talented and supremely gorgeous Caillat, I did a bit of research on our featured lady. Turns out Colbie tries to stay away from leather products and is an animal rights activist.

Upon reading that, I remember feeling slightly panicked. If you read our site you know the vast majority of the arm candy we post is made from one kind of animal product or another. I not only needed to change up my questions for Colbie a bit but also felt the urge to see what vegan options are out there in the handbag world. And that is where I began to appreciate the brand Matt & Nat in a major way. (more…)

Yves Saint Laurent Muse Two Artisanal Recycled, $1720 via YSL.

Usually, women only ask two things of their handbags: That they be fabulous and functional. Increasingly, though, some women are making a third request of their clothing and accessories: That it also has a sense of social responsibility. Admittedly not everyone cares about what impact their purchases have on the world or on the people who produced them, but the number of people who do are growing, which makes it fashionable for global brand to debut products like the limited editionYves Saint Laurent Muse Two Artisanal Recycled Bag, which was produced by artisans in Burkina Faso with Fair Trade cotton and recycled plastic bags. For real. (more…)

When it comes to messenger bags, how big do you want the bag itself to be? No, I don’t mean how long should the shoulder strap be, but the bag itself. I’ve owned a couple messenger bags in my day and I hate, absolutely hate when the bag slams against my body – it is just so uncomfortable and awkward.

I find the JADEtribe Nina Messenger Bag to be rather intriguing, but I am a bit on the fence due to the size of the bag (dimensions: 16″H x 18″L 18″ drop) . For me, I would prefer this bag as a shoulder bag instead of a messenger. (more…)

Carmina Campus Recycled Keyboard Tote

Can someone, ANYONE, explain to me why this pastel-potholder-looking abomination against fashion costs 1100 freaking dollars? (more…)

Matt & Nat Camden Hobo

Despite the fact that I live in the somewhat-rural South, the town that I actually live in actually has a ton of hippie-stink on it. Almost all local restaurants have the vegetarian and vegan options marked on their menus, and we’re home to one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in the country, The Grit. Because of the large number of eco-conscious and and anti-meat people here, I found out about Matt & Nat handbags years ago, more or less as soon as I moved here, and it’s been nice to see them gain more and more attention from high-end retailers.

Which is exactly the reason that I can bring you the Matt & Nat Camden Hobo today. Although the bag is not made of leather or any kind of animal product, you wouldn’t immediately guess that of many of the brand’s bags in person. They’re carefully finished and well-executed, and although some say they don’t last as long as high-end leather bags, they also don’t cost as much. I love the pink color on this hobo and I think it’d be a great bag for days when it rains or you’re scared that whatever activity you’re doing would mess up something more expensive. This particular brand is fighting the good fight, and supporting them is a purchase you just might feel all warm and fuzzy about. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $275.

I may very well have already dubbed another bag as my favorite clutch of the summer, but with the advent of new information (and new bags!), I would like to take that back, at least tentatively. And the clutch that has me doubting my previous decision is the Mad Imports Ariel Ombre Woven Clutch. The economically priced and environmentally friendly clutch of woven raffia features a subtle pattern of light straw woven into the chocolate brown body, creating the ombre effect that gives the clutch its name. The end result is incredibly chic and also very understated; this bag doesn’t scream about its appearance, it merely whispers to those paying attention.

Mad Imports Ariel Ombre Woven Clutch

I can only imagine how many friends (and probably strangers) would ask me about this clutch if I was to carry it on a night out during warm weather. Anyone who’s looking for something understated but still enormously stylish would do well to order this bag right away – at that price point, I don’t think they’ll have them in stock for long. Buy through ShopBop for $80.