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Dooney & Bourke Large Zip Pocket Hobo I the Dooney and Bourke Large Zip Pocket Hobo everywhere I go. Literally, everywhere. Even in the shopping anti-Mecca that is Athens, Georgia, this bag is still on the racks in our department stores. In a variety of colors, no less. And they’re strapped down like we’re a town full of thieves, and we probably are, but I digress. The reason that Dooney & Bourke are distributing these bags so far and wide, I suspect, is that they’re simple, serviceable, inexpensive bags that a huge number of women could be tempted to incorporate into their lives as a bit of luxury in a crappy economic period. At $265, they’re still a splurge for the scads of women that carry your average department store handbag, but they’re not a splurge that’s going to cause those ladies to miss a house payment (or, at least, we hope not. But I guess you never know). From what I’ve seen in person, the leather tends toward stiffness and isn’t super thick, but I imagine it’d loosen up nicely with wear and slouch more naturally. And for less than $300, I would be opposed to wearing something in a bit. Buy through Nordstrom for $265.