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Running an online fashion magazine about handbags can be tricky at times, since handbags are only a sliver of the fashion world. Luckily, women (and men!) love handbags as much as we do and designers continue bringing us new purses to talk about. Even with the vast array of designs, there are slow slumps when we wait for more new bags to arrive and we must scour the internet looking for something different.

That is why I am happy to stumble upon the De Couture Chain Strap Hobo. The brand has only been covered three times on our site, the last post being from a year ago. There may not be many bags from the brand, but this is one that I want to cover. (more…)

Note: I wanted to add some details about the bag. The De Couture Tote has leather lining behind the perforation with a bit of little gold peeking out, which is really subtle. Because of this, the bag will not get dirty. Also, the bag wipes completely clean with a damp rag. I just wanted to add this for those of you worried about the bag getting dirty easily

De Couture Perforated Leather Tote
De Couture Perforated Leather Tote

Our friend Sari Brown, who owns Lux Couture, has brought us new designers along with new bags time after time. Most recently you all, along with me, fell for the D’Angel Tia Tote which was such a hit that we (as in Purse Bloggers) bought out all of the stock at Lux Couture. If you are still interested in this bag and it says out of stock, just tell Sari we sent you and she will take care of you. Sari has always brought me new information on new designers who many times have hit it big (Katherine Kwei and Jennifer Alfano come to mind!). The next designer that is on the radar of Sari and I is De Couture.

Just in time for the white hot bag trend is the De Couture Perforated Leather Tote. This bag has been a favorite among magazine editors, and the clean sporty white appeal must be why. The perforated leather is found on top of a layer of plain leather and this duffel is the ideal casual chic bag. The LV perforated bags were huge hits, but the blank canvas of this bag gives a calming feel. The handles are are designed with covered leather chains and there are two shoulder straps (one chain and one leather covered chain). I am continuously hearing about the move from well-known designer labels to the more unknown, unbranded bags. Now is the time to do this and now is the time to bring out your white handbags. Measurements are 15.5″ w x 10″ h x 6.5″ d. Available through LuxCouture for $1,750. (more…)

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