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Today is absolutely breathtaking. Finally, the humidity has lifted and South Florida days are sunny and phenomenal. Perhaps it’s the weather that has put me in the mood for a bright, sunny handbag like the Dautore Sol Leather Hobo. Usually, yellow is a color I am a little iffy about. More than anything, I worry about my outfit or handbag resembling a banana, which just isn’t a good look. However, this is one yellow bag I am liking. Just like the Dautore Celeste Leather Slouchy Pocket Satchel, one of the first things that jumped out at me was how soft the leather looks. The supple leather is loosely gathered and knotted along the sides with a hint of woven detailing. With a 9″ drop, the handle can be placed on your shoulder just as quickly and easily as carried in your hand. But back to the color, even if I was still living in a place that got really cold and dreary in the fall, I would still carry this bag around. It would be a great way to add a splash of color to a gloomy day. Buy through Bluefly for $357.

For whatever reason, from time to time, I find myself craving a handbag or piece of clothing (usually a top) that has an asymmetrical feel to it. It is almost as if I need something that seems a little edgy, a little off centered, a little different. I am not saying that I always go for clean, straight lines, but I definitely crave something edgy more than I crave something clean cut. This Dautore Celeste Leather Slouchy Pocket Satchel is a handbag I might need to invest in. What I truly like about this bag is that upon first glance several things stand out – and in a good way.

I love the color, the angles and how soft the leather looks. No, this shade of blue isn’t a color I would traditionally think of during the Fall season, but it works. The grain leather and silvertone hardware work draw the bag together. A 15″ shoulder strap allows the bag to be carried pretty much any way you’d like to: on your shoulder, hung on your arm at your elbow or carried in hand. But, as I mentioned before, I really find myself to be a fan of the angles. This handbag would add some spice to even the simplest jeans, white t-shirt and flipflops outfit. If the only thing holding you back is the color, fear not, the handbag comes in black too! Buy through Bluefly for $333.90.