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D’Angel Lizard Wallet

I had the chance to review the D’Angel Tia Tote, which is the python bag that everyone was going nuts over! Great price, exotic skin, huge bag, too good to be true? Actually, no, in this case it is not too good to be true. It is just too good to pass up. And while I love my D’Angel bag, I kept thinking there must be more to D’Angel than just the Tia Tote, and many other great prices and deals to be had. And I found the next amazing deal. So amazing in fact that after this post I am sure each wallet will be scooped up, whether it be for a holiday gift or for yourself.

Brace yourselves. Read the review and then go and buy if this suits your fancy, which I have no doubt in my mind that it will. There are two options for the D’Angel Lizard Wallet, black on black and natural with black inside. This is an exotic piece inside and outside. And while it works inside of your purse, it also can stand on its own, which is totally my style. The glossy lizard skin is found on the inside and outside along with credit card slots within a pocket which is held closed by a tab closure. The wallet is incredibly slim and easy to grab and go. This may not be an everyday wallet for all of you, but it is an accessory. A piece that you can use to dress up an outfit and a piece that will stand out. I assure you people will be sure you spent more than you did on this piece, but little do they know that not only will you be getting a great deal, but also you have a quality piece from D’Angel. The price was $295 and now the sale price is $197.65 at Lux Couture. Tell Sari we sent you!

I’m 23 yrs old and about a month ago started yearning for an exotic – (preferably crocodile, however python definitely caught my interest) so your recent post on the D’Angel bags had my attention. I’ve spoken to a few tpf-ers who purchased the bags in March, and was wondering if you had a chance to actually try on the bag and if you had any additional thoughts on it’s quality/workmanship. (We all know there’s no such thing as a free lunch!). I was specifically worried about the skin coming off on the handle where I would hold it in the crook of my arm and the tassle rope (from opening/closing).

As much as I’d love to buy an exotic, I know there were some concerns about “poor quality” and was wondering if you thought the bag would hold up to occasional wearing (perhaps day-long shopping trips twice a month) and still be usable 5 years from now. Note: I recently read the great thread on Parisian women’s fashion in the Chanel forum and it really made me emphasize more on quality and not quantity, which is why I’m trying to be so careful!

In addition, I was wondering if you had a color you would suggest. The Fall red didn’t seem as rich as the cranberry (I *loved* the cranberry and natural from spring/summer) and I was considering getting black as it’d be easiest to match and perhaps wouldn’t be as “flashy” as some of the other colors. However, I wonder if black python will end up just looking like python replica. As I mentioned, I’m quite new to exotics and would really appreciate your input on the black.

Thanks Megs!


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D’Angel Handbags

D’Angel handbags do not need much of an introduction here, especially when it comes to the D’Angel Tia Tote. Yes, we will feature more of their designs in the future, but last time I told you about the Tia Tote the response was so overwhelming that Lux Couture sold out in a day. So without a huge introduction or ongoing explanation of what these bags are about, I have to tell you that Lux Couture is carrying the D’Angel Python Tia Tote in black, purple, green, and red for Fall 2008. The bag is roomy (Dimensions are 15 x 8 x 5.5) and designed with a lightweight Indonesian python skin. The front tassels are the perfect clincher. Go and put your name on the list at Lux Couture for one of these stunning and price friendly bags while you can! $600 via Lux Couture. (more…)