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It wasn’t all that long ago that those of us on the PurseBlog team were shopping for school bags ourselves. I’m the baby of the group, and since it’s August (side note: how?), this marks …

I am so beyond over the whole hippie trend. It’s one subculture that I wish would have stayed in the past, and I don’t think it has much to add to fashion conversation today. Most of the pieces that contain hippie elements don’t seem high-end to me, they just seem derivative and stale.

Sadly, “derivative” is the most apt word that I can think of to describe the Twelth St. by Cynthia Vincent Outlaw Clutch. If the Native Americans would like to reclaim the visual elements of their culture from fashionistas and hipsters, I would really appreciate it. Something tells me that they’re probably not all that jazzed about having rich, skinny urban dwellers rip off their culture while they struggle to survive, either. (more…)

Be still my beating heart. Ladies and gentleman, I’ve found a winner. A great, fashionable bag at a reasonable price! I wrote about the VBH Python Clutch with Crystal Detail yesterday on Purse Blog. One of the areas I focused on was the exquisite exotic skin; and it is true I do. But sometimes I find myself in an exotic-esque bag at without the exotic price. Thankfully, I came across the Cynthia Vincent Croco Berkeley Tote today and I am a very, very happy girl. (more…)

Are you sick of fringe yet? On some bags I feel as though the fringe is far too much and then on others it still works. The new bags that are coming out still have a bit of fringe to them, but the fringe is back to being used as an accent, but the focal point of the bag. Clearly, this Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Miles Fringe Bag is still on the go fringe or go home band wagon and it might work. (more…)

I’ll be the first to say that I can appreciate when a designer does something a little weird. If no one ever went off the beaten path, we’d never have any new trends to look for and fawn over, and it’d be much harder for me to find stuff to write about every day. So, on both an artistic and practical level, I like a little eccentricity in my day.

But often, the weirdness just doesn’t work. The handle structure of the Cynthia Vincent Fairfax Convertible Tote is really throwing me for a loop. (more…)

Now this is the kind of handbag I could clearly make a pros and cons list for. I don’t know about you, but as I grew up and found myself on the fence about something, both of my parents would tell me to make a pros and cons list. I am going to start by saying I don’t really need to make this kind of list for this particular bag, but there are aspects of it I adore and others I can’t stand.

Cynthia Vincent Coltrane Tote

The Cynthia Vincent Coltrane Tote is a bag that is bound to lead some to love it and others to hate it. While Cynthia Vincent is known for her bohemian inspired handbags, I think this one has missed the mark. Yes, the leather looks great and the way the shoulder strap meets the rest of the bag is delightful, but I think that is about all I like. I am having a horrible time with the extra leather that dangles off of the bag. No, I don’t mean fringe, I mean actual leather that just hangs. The structured part of the bag ends and then there is more leather. I don’t get the point. Do you? If so, buy through Luna Boston for $295.

I’m kind of disappointed right now. Because, you see, I really wanted to like the Cynthia Vincent Berkley Shoulder Bag. It has soft-looking grey leather, a color which I love. It looks functional. I bet it would go with a lot of things. The problem is, though, that I DO like this bag – I liked it the first time around as the Givency Sacca Bag, one that Givenchy has been making for a long time and in many iterations.

Cynthia Vincent Berkley Shoulder Tote

I can sort of understand why cheapy chain stores rip off bags. They don’t have the design power or point of view to come up with their own stuff. I still think it’s a crappy thing to do, but sure, I get it. This, however, I cannot abide. Cynthia Vincent, as a brand, has the personality and opportunity to come up with some charming, reasonably priced designs all on their own, and they chose to do something almost exactly like a well-known bag. Like I said: I’m kind of disappointed. Buy through Luna Boston for $325.

Twelfth St by St. Vincent Grocery Mosaic BagRemember those Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent smooth raw silk dresses that were all the rage a few years ago? Well, this Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Grocery Mosaic Bag reminds me a lot of those dresses, and not just because they are of the same designer.

Both are soft and floppy, with only the most basic of structures to support their frame. But this bag may be even a bigger win than the dresses. It plays on the shapeless structure of re-usable grocery bags, resulting in something that looks like one of those bags in the most glam way possible. The entire bag is made of touchable suede, which adds an air of luxe, and the mixed-metal studs play into the stud trend, but in a different, more subtle and bohemian way. This bag is almost too good to be true: toss anything in it and still, it looks amazing. Be careful though: the suave, buttery suede may not be able to hold the heaviest of weights, so refrain from piling it full. And definitely do not use it for groceries. Buy through ShopBop for $195.