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When I think of warm weather, I think of pink. Some people gravitate toward yellow or orange, but I prefer pink’s diversity and versatility; blush is delicate enough for the first timid days of springs, …

I’ll admit to having been a tad skeptical of Milly’s handbags at first. When the line launched its first collection for Spring 2011, the first bags to hit stores were mostly a bit preppy for my taste, with boat and rope motifs abounding in coral and navy. But now that I’ve had a chance to see the full line, bags like the Milly Straw Frame Bag have wowed me. I’m a believer. (more…)

Was Valentino the first handbag company to master the leather flower, or are they just so masterful at it that I fail to remember all those that came before? Either way, more companies are giving it a shot, including the folks behind the Isabella Fiore Belle Fleur Alexandria Hobo.

Is it successful? Well, obviously not as much as your average Valentino bag, but it also costs a lot less. Let’s delve a bit deeper, after the jump. (more…)